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Dear Prospective Law Student,

Law school is an exciting educational path that that can lead to many opportunities, and I believe that investing in an MSU Law education will yield returns for decades to come.

MSU Law students finance their law school education with a variety of resources -- personal savings and family assistance, scholarships, employment, and student loans. I invite you to explore these sources of aid as you consider an MSU Law education.

Given the increasing importance of significant educational-loan indebtedness, I encourage you to carefully determine the total amount of loan assistance you are comfortable with, given the costs of borrowing and your long-term personal and professional goals.

As you create your own plan for making law school a financial reality, I invite you to view Financial Aid presentations, consult our website, and to contact me. Our Law School Financial Guide is also a great resource for learning about the financial aid process. If you would care to schedule a time to speak by phone or in person, please e-mail me. 

I look forward to assisting you as you explore this next chapter of your professional development.


John Garcia
Director of Financial Aid

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