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Our faculty and staff are here for you. The MSU Law experience is characterized by our open door policies, one-on-one learning opportunities, and lifelong mentorships.

Our professors care about teaching the law – and shaping it. As leading scholars, they explore our legal system, expand students’ understanding of its application, and examine today’s challenging legal questions.

Here are a few of the things MSU Law professors are known for:

Protecting endangered species from poachers | Advocating for mandatory Holocaust education in schools | Navigating the legalities of biological research | Educating young journalists on the First Amendment | Promoting the rights of Native American tribes to raise their own children | Facilitating transformative mediation | Resettling refugees from global conflicts | Developing role-playing software for legal education | Revealing patterns of racial bias in juror selection | Pioneering high-efficiency legal services | Influencing administrative law and policy | Pushing the boundaries of marriage laws | Defending the civil rights of prisoners