Financial Aid Information for Graduate (LL.M., M.J. and MLS) Students

Financial aid may take many forms including loans both private and public. Graduate students should consider personal resources as a primary funding option for their education, but loans are often a necessity.

Eligibility for Federal Student Aid

You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. to be eligible for federal loans like the Stafford and GradPLUS. Some exceptions are made and students can review the non-citizen categories at

Private Loans

Students who do not qualify for federal aid may need to consider a private loan. Although the Office of Financial Aid does not recommend any particular lender students are encouraged to speak with the MSU Office of Financial Aid if they decide to pursue a private loan. Generally a non-citizen would need a stateside co-signer for the loan; the co-signer will be responsible for repaying the loan if the student does not do so. Some additional information can be found at

Enrollment Requirements

Federal aid, and sometimes private loans, require students to be enrolled at least half-time. Usually a student must have three credits in a semester to be considered half-time. You can review enrollment information at and contact the Office of Financial Aid with any concerns.

Tuition Reimbursement Benefits through your Employer

It is not uncommon for employers to offer financial assistance with employees’ education. Some offer tuition reimbursement, educational fellowships or scholarships. Consider asking your employer to invest in your education. Be sure to prepare well ahead of time by researching the program you wish to pursue, making a list of ways your company will benefit from your education, and address concerns your employer may have.

Scholarships and Writing Competitions

The Office of Financial Aid maintains a robust list of external scholarships and writing competitions, many of them open to non-J.D. candidates. Please note that the Office of Financial Aid cannot guarantee you will be awarded these funds but students should nonetheless review all available awards at and contact the awarding organization with any questions.