Institutional Awards Policy

Scholarships, grants and other funding received from internal and external sources are considered financial resources for determining a student's eligibility for federal and other aid. Students who receive awards or scholarships from outside sources must have their financial aid adjusted to avoid over-awards. Usually student loans will be the only financial aid adjusted.

Scholarships are applied to the term designated by the department or the donor, which they control when they make they award. The College of Law has determined that scholarships will be applied in the regular academic semester following the award (ex: a scholarship awarded in Spring Semester will be applied to the following Fall Semester).

All funding received in a given aid year must be considered by the Office of Financial Aid. If students wish to apply a bar scholarship to costs incurred during an aid year without that impacting other aid, a Cost of Attendance increase request is required. Review the Cost of Attendance Increase form (PDF). Once received by the Office of Financial Aid, a budget adjustment will be made so that other aid is not reduced.

The MSU College of Law follows the same Institutional Award Policy outlined on the MSU financial aid website. Students are encouraged to review the policy and contact the law school financial aid office with any questions. Questions can be directed to Financial Aid at or 517-353-2401.

Rev. February 2020