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Tuition & Fees

Michigan State Law creates a student budget (also known as “cost of attendance”) for each academic year. The student budget consists of direct costs (i.e., tuition and fees) and indirect costs (housing, food, transportation, etc.).

MSU Law students are provided a “thrifty budget,” which assumes that students' need to borrow will be minimized due cost-savings measures such as having a roommate(s), relying on family health-insurance plans, use of public transportation, etc.  Students whose personal situations are such that they are unable to rely on the thrifty budget may request additional loan assistance up to the standard budget.

Tuition for each semester is assessed on a per-credit hour basis.  For the 2015/16 academic year the per-credit hour charge is $1,357.  All full-time first-year law schools take a proscribed schedule that includes 29 credit hours.

Additional financial aid information for prospective students.

Costs for the 2015–16 Academic Year for a Full-Time Student: Thrifty Budget
Fees $28
RWA Lab Fees (1L year only) $218
Books $1,526
Room and Board $5,586
Transportation $200
Personal/Misc. $771
Medical $0
TOTAL $47,882