About Dean Mary A. Ferguson

Mary Ferguson

Mary Ann Ferguson, Esq. is the founder of Michigan State University College of Law’s (MSU Law/Law College) Diversity and Equity Services Office. Since its inception in 2006, she has served as the inaugural director and later was appointed as the first Assistant Dean of this office.  Hence, she became the first member of the Law College’s staff who identifies as a Black and African-American Woman to hold a decanal title.

In 2017, she was appointed as the Law College’s Title IX Coordinator and served in this role until the Law College’s full integration with MSU in August 2020.

Additionally, she was appointed by the President of MSU to serve on his Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Workgroup and Sexual Violence Advisory Committee and noteworthy MSU Executive Search Committees.

Within her multi-faceted roles, she seeks to ensure that MSU Law’s prospective and current community realizes the Law College’s multicultural, equity, diversity, inclusion and access mission. Further, she serves as MSU Law’s liaison to the broader MSU campus, academy and legal profession on the importance of increasing and sustaining diversity.

Originating from her pre-secondary education muse, Ferguson is a tireless advocate for 21st Century diversity, legal education and practice access, anti-discrimination laws, multiculturalism equity and eradicating relationship violence & sexual misconduct within diverse communities. With the unwavering goal of giving life to silenced voices, she is internationally known for her mantra “accepting identity, appreciating voice and achieving justice for all.”

She has over 30 years of public speaking, leadership and community service on a diversified array of foci areas. In over fifty percent of her past and current leadership positions, she holds the title of inaugural member, founder or first Black/African-American Woman. Currently, she is the facilitator of a national organization. Further, Ferguson is the executive board or committee member of at least six local, state, national and international professional and community organizations. Her student and professional awards span several decades.

Ferguson holds a bachelor’s degree, with honors, from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Juris Doctor degree from Michigan State University College of Law. She is a licensed attorney.

Mary A. Ferguson, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Equity Services