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Mary Ann Ferguson, Esq.

Elements of Multiculturalism:

Age | Ethnicity | Gender | Physical Ability | Physical Traits | Race | Sexual Orientation | Educational Background | Geographic Location | Income | Marital Status | Military Experience | Parental Status | Religious Belief | Work Experience | Job Classification

  • Multicultural Executive Council

    The Council streamlines efforts among the multicultural student organizations and serves as a liaison to the DESO


    • Asian Pacific American Law Student Association
    • Black Law Student Association
    • Christian Legal Society
    • Criminal Defense Association
    • Jewish Law Student Association
    • Latino Law Society
    • LGBTQIA+ Alliance
    • Middle Eastern Law Student Association
    • Muslim Law State Alliance (DESO)
    • Native American Law Students Association
    • Progressive Legal Society
    • SBA Diversity Liaison
    • Triangle Bar Association
    • Women's Law Caucus
  • Alliances

    The goal of these alliances is to provide an enfranchising space so that the individual will feel part of a collective, partake in resource-sharing, and engage with multicultural professional development that directly correlate with their law school academic goals. Further, DESO works closely with current law students who seek to lead these alliances and be a daily voice to DESO on matters that impact their cohorts’ matriculation goals. Currently, the DESO alliances include:

    • African Heritage Alliance - My Brother’s Keeper
    • African Heritage Alliance - Sisters United for Success
    • Hispanic and Latino Alliance
    • Student Parent Alliance
    • LGBTQIA+
    • Women’s Alliance
    • Muslim Student Alliance
  • Advising

    Please contact: for an appointment.

  • Identity Programming and Events

    Throughout the year, the DESO facilitates multicultural programming: dinners, panel discussions, Zoom conversations, and substantive talks all help members of our community learn about each others’ unique cultural experiences.

    Diversity Week is the highlight of DESO’s event calendar. Every year, the DESO partners with student-run organizations to host a weeklong series of thoughtful, inclusive programming. From faculty speakers to alumni, Diversity Week celebrates the contributions of diverse communities and empowers students to enact social change through the law.