Recent Publications and Awards

David Blankfein-Tabachnick

"Property, Duress, and Consensual Relationships," 114 Michigan Law Review 1013 (2016). (reviewing Seana Valentine Shiffrin, Speech Matters: On Lying, Morality and the Law, Princeton University Press, 2014).

Intellectual Property Doctrine and Midlevel Principles, 101 Calif. L. Rev. 1315 (2013); published with response, Robert P. Merges, Foundations and Principles Redux: A Reply to Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick, 101 Calif. L. Rev. 1361 (2013).

Adam Candeub


Editorial Decision-Making and the First Amendment, J. Free Speech (forthcoming)

National Lawyers Convention’s Private Control Over Public Discourse, panel discussion transcript, 34 Regent L. Rev. 539 (2022)

Reading Section 230 as Written, 1 J. Free Speech 139 (2021)

Interpreting 47 U.S.C. § 230(c)(2), 1 J. Free Speech 175 (2021) (with Eugene Volokh)

Preference and Administrative Law, 72 Admin. L. Rev. 607 (2021) (cited in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, 597 U.S. ___ (2022) (Gorsuch, J. conc.))

Bargaining for Free Speech: Common Carriage, Network Neutrality, and Section 230, 22 Yale Journal of Law & Tech. 391 (2020) (reprinted Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook (Thomson Reuters (West) 2021); cited in Biden v. Knight First Amend. Inst. at Columbia Univ., 141 S. Ct. 1220 (2021) (Thomas, J., statement concerning denial of certiorari))

Popular Press

The PRO-SPEECH Act is a Creative Solution to Censorship, Newsweek, June 16, 2021 (with Clare Morell)

Florida Is Moving the Ball Forward Against Big Tech Censorship, Newsweek, June 4, 2021 (with Clare Morell)

Big Tech is Making a Desperate Bid to Avoid Judicial Scrutiny (with Rachel Bovard), Newsweek, May 18, 2022

"The Common Carrier Cure for First Amendment Uncertainty" (with Philip Hamburger), Volokh Conspiracy blog, June 29, 2022

We Can Stick It To Big Tech And Save Conservative Talk Radio — Here’s How, Daily Caller, June 8, 2022


Protecting Teens From Big Tech: Five Policy Ideas for States (with Clare Morell, Jean Twenge and W. Bradford Wilcox), Institute for Family Studies Research Brief (Aug. 24, 2022)

Section 230 and Common Carriage, Center for the Study of the Administrative State, Working Paper 19-33. Technology, Innovation, and Regulation, (Nov. 15, 2019)

Charles Delmotte

The Case Against Tax Subsidies in Innovation Policy, 48 (2) FLA. ST. L. REV. 285 (2021).

Sean A. Pager

Law Reviews

The Best Comes Later: Copyright, Career Professionals, & Creative Achievement, forthcoming, __ Mich. St. L. Rev. __ (2023) (with Sunawer Aujla).

Trading Up: Is Section 337 the New ATS?, 107 Iowa L. Rev. 1159 (2022) (with Michael Sant’Ambrogio).

The Chinese Copyright Dream, 49 Pepp. L. Rev. 733 (2022) (with Eric Priest).

Laboratories of Extraterritoriality, 29 Geo. Mason. L. Rev. 162 (2021) (with Jenna Foos).

Redeeming Globalization through Unfair Competition Law, 41 Cardozo L. Rev. 2435 (2020) (with Eric Priest)

Jennifer Carter-Johnson

A Survey of University Technology Transfer Policies to Determine Revenue Sharing Among Co-Inventors (manuscript in progress).

Tracing the History of cDNA Technology Development As a Study of Patent Non-Obviousness (manuscript in progress) (with Michael Curts, Jagannath Silwal, and Stephanie Watts).

Ritalin to Roundup: Expanding the Pharmaceutical Industry Statutory Experimental Use Exception to Agriculture, 84 U. Cinn. L. Rev. 151 (2016).

Intellectual Property Revenue Sharing As a Problem for University Technology Transfer, 49 Akron L. Rev. 647 (2016).

Defining Limits the Application of the Statutory Experimental Use Exception within the Agricultural Biotechnology Industry, 2015 Mich. St. L. Rev. 509.

Beyond Einstein and Edison: Claiming Space for Non-Faculty Inventors in Technology Transfer, 47 Ind. L. Rev. 645 (2014). 

A Gene Patenting Primer, in Bioinformatics Law: Legal Issues For Computational Biology in the Post-Genome Era (Jorge Contreras and A. James Cuticchia eds., 2013).

Increasing University Invention Disclosure: An Increased Role for Non-Faculty Inventors (working paper).

Unveiling the Distinction between the University and its Academic Researchers: Lessons for Patent Infringement and University Technology Transfer, 12 Vand. J. Ent. & Tech. L. 473 (2010).