Indigenous Law Certificate Program — Application Form

I. Instructions

  • Please type or print the following application—it must be legible.
  • Make sure to keep a copy of the application for yourself, as it lists all of the requirements for the Certificate program. You are responsible for ensuring you are on track to complete the program once admitted.
  • This is the form for your qualifying paper (PDF). Please turn it in with the paper when it is completed.
  • If you have any questions regarding the program or this Application, please contact Kate Fort at or at 517-432-6992

II. Identification

The address you provide here will be used for all communications related to the selection process. You are responsible for providing timely written notice of any change to your address or telephone number.

III. Education

If you are currently enrolled in a dual-degree program, please state which one.

IV. Program Requirements

(Though you are not bound to follow the plan submitted here, please fill out as completely as possible.)

A. Course Work

Required Courses (7 credit hours total)
Course Credits Date Completed/Anticipated
Federal Law and Indian Tribes 3
Advanced Topics in Indian Law*
Advanced Topics in Indian Law*

* In 2016 the faculty changed the name of Advanced Topics in Indian Law classes to specific class names, including but not limited to, Tribal Law, American Indian Children and the Law, International and Comparative Perspectives on Indigenous Peoples, and Gaming Law. If you have a question if a class fulfills this requirement, please email Kate Fort at

Elective Courses (6 credit hours total)
Course Credits Date Completed/Anticipated

B. Experiential Learning in Indigenous Law (equivalent to 3 credit hours)

If you are NOT taking the Center Class for this requirement, please also fill out this Internship Form (PDF) and return it to Kate Fort.

Practice Experience requirement will be fulfilled by:

* Selected students may participate for up to two semesters (6 credits) in the Center, although only one semester (3 credits) is required for the Certificate Program.

C. Substantial Research Paper in Indigenous Law

V. Certification