Occasional Paper Series

Occasional Paper Series
2013-01 Not For Sale: Restrictive Covenants Aimed At Preventing Tribal Land Acquisitions and Why Tribal-State Cooperation Is A Better Model
by Carrie M. Waggoner
2011-01 Indian Wars: Old and New
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Peter S. Vicaire
2010-07 Trends in Tribal Business Litigation
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Kathryn E. Fort
2010-06 Kennecott Eagle Mineral Project and the Need for a Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act
by Adrea M. Korthase
2010-05 Michigan Indian Treaties and the Asian Carp
by Erin Lillie
2010-04 The Immunity of Tribal Business Entities: A Survey of Tribal Court Decisions
by Erin Oliver
2010-03 State Authority to Tax Out-of-State Income of Reservation Indians: A Note on Fond du Lac v. Einess
by Erin Lillie
2010-02 Indian Preference and Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act
by Erin Lillie
2010-01 Toward an Administrative Carcieri Fix
by Erin Oliver, Peter Vicaire, Erin Lillie, and Jerrod Warr
2009-05 The Indian Child Welfare Act: A Case Update (August 2008-2009)
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2009-04 The Origins of the Indian Child Welfare Act: A Survey of the Legislative History
by Matthew L.M Fletcher
2009-03 Supreme Court Reversal of Carcieri: Implications for Reaffirmed Michigan Indian Tribes
by Novaline D. Wilson
2009-02 The Ethics of Pushing the Envelope in Indian Law Cases
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2009-01 Advising - and Suing - Tribal Officials: On the Scope of Tribal Official Immunity
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher and Kathryn E. Fort
2008-01 Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country: The Solution of Cross Deputization
by Hannah Bobee, Allison Boisveny, Anderson Duff, Kathryn E. Fort and Wenona T. Singel
2007-16 The First Tribal/State Court Forum and the Creation of MCR 2.615
Hon. Michael F. Cavanagh, Justice, Michigan Supreme Court
2007-15 Blackmun Archive Research: A [Draft] Concordance of the Indian Law Cases
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2007-14 From Economic Development to Nation Building: Observations on Eight Articles about Tribes, Sovereignty and Economic Development
by Kathryn E. Fort
2007-12 Legislative and Regulatory Update (March 2006-December 2006)
by Bryan T. Newland
2007-11 Tribal Court Litigation Update (January 2006-January 2007)
by Jake J. Allen, Hannah N. Bobee, Kerri Campbell, and Bryan T. Newland
2007-10 State Court Litigation Update (February 2006-February 2007)
by Hannah N. Bobee
2007-09 Federal Court Litigation Update (February 2006-February 2007)
by Jake J. Allen, Hannah N. Bobee, and Bryan T. Newland
2007-08 When the Rules Shift: A Review of the Indian Child Welfare Act, M.C.R. 2.615, and Tribal Court Jurisdiction in Michigan Family Law Cases
by Kathryn E. Fort
2007-07 Michigan's Emerging Tribal Economies: A Presentation to the Michigan House of Representatives
by Jake Allen, Hannah Bobee, Kathryn E. Fort, Bryan Newland & Wenona T. Singel
2007-06 ICWA and the Constitution
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2007-05 [student ICWA case note]
2007-04 Tribal Consequences of Urban Indian Relocation: Case Examination of the Existing Indian Family Exception & Adoptive Placement Under the Indian Child Welfare Act
by Novaline D. Wilson
2007-03 Chipping Away at The Indian Child Welfare Act: Doe v. Mann and the Court's “1984” Interpretation of ICWA and PL 280
by Jake J. Allen
2007-02 A Restatement of the Common Law of the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher & Zeke Fletcher
2007-01 The (In)equities of Federal Indian Law
by Kathryn E. Fort
2006-06 Indian Treaties and the Survival of the Great Lakes
by Wenona T. Singel & Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2006-05 Applicability of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative on State Laws and Programs Relating to Indians and Indian Tribes
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher & Kathryn E. Fort
2006-04 Rethinking the Role of Custom in Tribal Court Jurisprudence
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2006-03 Tribal Economic Development: Nuts & Bolts
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher
2006-02 Proposition 2: How Could It Affect Michigan Indian People?
by Matthew L.M. Fletcher, Kathryn E. Fort, & Joy Grow
2006-01 Indian Claims and the Real Origins of Certain Equitable Defenses
by Kathryn E. Fort, Joy Grow, Matthew McCorkle, & Bryan Newland