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Anne Lawton

Anne Lawton
[Hi-Res Photo]
Professor of Law
Law College Building
648 N. Shaw Lane Rm 453
East Lansing, MI 48824-1300

Professor Lawton joins the Law College faculty from Roger Williams University School of Law where she earned tenure in 2007. Professor Lawton has taught in both law and business schools. She has also visited at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Ohio Northern University College of Law, and Michigan State University College of Law. Prior to teaching in law school, Professor Lawton was an assistant professor at the Richard T. Farmer School of Business at Miami University, and visited for three years at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

While at Roger Williams, Professor Lawton twice won the Teacher of the Year Award, voted on by the third-year graduating class. She also was nominated twice for a teaching award while at the Richard T. Farmer School of Business at Miami University. She has written several articles on teaching, and the Columbia School of Business published her case study entitled Pyramid after it won the Runner-Up Award in the Albert Sussman Ethics in Real Estate Competition.

Professor Lawton's current scholarly work is in the field of bankruptcy. Her prior work focused on employment discrimination issues, in particular, sexual harassment. Professor Lawton has published in the Minnesota Law Review, Washington & Lee Law Review, George Mason Law Review, and the Kentucky Law Journal, as well as specialty law journals at Yale, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Emory.

Professor Lawton has held three clerkships, all in Michigan. She clerked for the Honorable David W. McKeague, for the Honorable James D. Gregg, and the Honorable James Brickley. Professor Lawton also did a brief stint as a corporate attorney for the Boston firm of Brown, Rudnick, Freed and Gesmer, now known as Brown Rudnick.

Professor Lawton teaches Contracts, Bankruptcy, and various Commercial Law courses.

J.D. cum laude 1986, University of Michigan Law School; M.B.A. 1986, University of Michigan; A.B. with honors 1982, University of Michigan

  • Basic Bankruptcy
    (Formerly DCL 572) This course provides students with understanding of bankruptcy law, bankruptcy code and debtor/creditor relations. *This course is being replaced by Consumer Bankruptcy (506E) and Chapter 11 Reorganization (506F) beginning Fall 2009.
  • Chapter 11 Reorganization
    This course provides an in-depth examination of the issues that arise inside Chapter 11. The course focus is transactional. The students will have to draft various documents, including a chapter 11 plan for a hypothetical debtor.
  • Consumer Bankruptcy
    This course examines a portion of state debt collection law and a basic overview of bankruptcy fundamentals with a focus on consumer bankruptcy practice under Chapters 7 and 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. While there are no prerequisites, it is strongly recommended that students take Secured Transactions either prior to or at the same this course is taken.
  • Contracts I
    (Formerly DCL 101) (This course is being replaced by Contracts LAW 530B beginning fall 2011) A study of the basic law relating to the formation of a contract. With respect to the creation of a contract, capacity, mutual assent, consideration and compliance with formalities are discussed. Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code is integrated with common law contract principles throughout the course.
  • Contracts II
    (Formerly DCL 102) (This course is being replaced by Contracts LAW 530B beginning fall 2011)Continues the survey of many basic contract issues, including the avoidability of contracts; the Statute of Frauds requirement; the process of determining the total contract obligation of the parties; the determination of proper performance of contracts, contract breaches and related doctrines; and the available legal redress for contract breaches.
  • Sales and Leases
    This course examines the information and terms, as well as remedies for breach, of contracts for sales of goods, under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The course also examines Article 2A's provisions on leases and provides an overview of the similarities and differences between Article 2 of the UCC and the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Other topics that the course may cover include documents of title under Article 7 of the UCC, Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, or the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA). Students who have taken Commercial Transactions (LAW 501C) may be ineligible to take this course, so approval from the professor must be obtained to enroll.

Massachusetts, Michigan

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Law Review Articles

Lawton, An Argument for Simplifying the Code’s “Small Business Debtor” Definition, 21 American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review 55 (2013).

Lawton, Chapter 11 Triage: Diagnosing a Debtor’s Prospects for Success, 54 Arizona Law Review 985 (2012).

Lawton & Oswald, Scary Stories and the Limited Liability Polluter in Chapter 11, 65 Washington & Lee Law Review 451 (2008).

Lawton, Between Scylla and Charybdis: The Perils of Reporting Sexual Harassment, 9 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law 603 (Spring 2007).

Lawton, The Bad Apple Theory in Sexual Harassment Law, 13 George Mason Law Review 817 (Summer 2005).

Lawton, Operating in an Empirical Vacuum: The Ellerth and Faragher Affirmative Defense, 13 Columbia Journal of Gender and Law 197 (Spring 2004).

Lawton, Tipping the Scales of Justice in Sexual Harassment Law, 27 Ohio Northern University Law Review 517 (2001) (symposium).

Lawton, The Meritocracy Myth and the Illusion of Equal Employment Opportunity, 85 Minnesota Law Review 587 (December 2000).

Lawton, The Emperor’s New Clothes: How the Academy Deals with Sexual Harassment, 11 Yale Journal of Law and Feminism 75 (1999).

Lawton, The Frankenstein Controversy: The Constitutionality of a Federal Ban on Cloning, 87 Kentucky Law Journal 277 (1998-99).

Outstanding Paper Award, Tri-State Regional Business Law Association, Inc., November 1997

Lawton, Regulating Genetic Destiny: A Comparative Study of Legal Constraints in Europe and the United States, 11 Emory International Law Review 365 (1997).

Pedagogical Articles

Lawton, Using a Management Driven Model to Teach Business Law, 15 Journal of Legal Studies Education 211-235 (Summer 1997).

Lawton and Oswald, Teaching the Doctrine of Precedent Through Simulations, 13 Journal of Legal Studies Education 121-146 (Winter/Spring 1995).

Lawton and Oswald, The Use of Simulated Hearings in Business Law Courses, 11 Journal of Legal Studies Education 103-126 (Winter/Spring 1993).

Lawton, Pyramid, Columbia Business School, 1993 (published case study).

Runner-Up Award, Albert Sussman Ethics in Real Estate Competition, Columbia Business School, 1993.

Practitioner Pieces

The Honorable Scott Dales, Anne Lawton, Greg Luyt, and Michelle Wilson, So you want to get paid? How to get your fees paid without running afoul of the Court, the law or the rules of ethics, Twenty-Third Annual FBA Bankruptcy Conference, Western District of Michigan (short seminar materials of 10 pages or less).

The Honorable Scott Dales, Anne Lawton & Lori Purky, Exemption Issues Materials, Twenty-First Annual FBA Bankruptcy Conference, Western District of Michigan (short seminar materials of 10 pages or less).

Lawton, The Cultural Myth of Meritocracy, 2 Employee Rights Quarterly 57 (Winter 2002).

The Honorable James D. Gregg and Anne Lawton, Bankruptcy Ethics: The Attorney-Client Privilege and The Duty of Confidentiality re: Client Communications, Fourth Annual Midwestern Bankruptcy Conference 213 (Prentice Hall Law & Business 1994) (seminar materials).

Scholarly Reports

Report on proposed small-business reforms, Governance and Supervision of Chapter 11 Cases and Companies Committee, American Bankruptcy Institute Commission to Reform Chapter 11 (Summer 2013).

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