Bar Exam Information and Updates

Bar Exam Information

National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) Website (includes links to all bar jurisdictions)

Most common jurisdictions where MSU Law Graduates take the bar exam:


Some jurisdictions have unique requirements for admission, and students are responsible for consulting the websites of jurisdictions they are interested in practicing in. For example:

  • New York requires applicants to take a course and exam in NY law. They also require applicants to satisfy one of five "pathways" to be admitted to the NY bar.
  • Florida requires students to apply for admission while they are in law school.

2023 Supplemental Bar Preparation Program

Let the Academic Success Program help you pass the bar!

Commercial Bar Prep Completion Incentive Program

Up to 100 students will receive a $30 Amazon e-gift card for 85% completion of a commercial bar preparation program. Students will qualify by sending an email to Professor Matt Payok with a screenshot of their bar prep progress completion rate showing at least 85% progress.

Professor Office Hours

The Academic Success Program (ASP) will host Zoom office hours with an MSU College of Law Professor to answer pre-submitted questions and general questions related to the doctrinal areas covered on the MBE.

Simulated Sessions

ASP will offer graduates a simulated exam setting to practice under timed circumstances.

Individual Meetings

Graduates may sign-up for one-on-one meetings with Dean Goldie Pritchard to discuss study plan/study schedule challenges, review MBE performance and discuss MBE strategies, review and discuss essays or MPTs, discuss essay and MPT strategies, discuss bar review program feedback, and any other issues.

Emails to Grads with Bar Tips

In June and July, graduates will receive emails that provide bar tips and encouragement.

R.E.A.D. Program

R.E.A.D. is a collaboration between the Diversity Equity Services Office (DESO) and the Academic Success Program (ASP) to provide support, encourage bar exam study, and provide professional development through engagement with MSU Law Alumni. Some sessions may focus on wellness and simply provide a place to vent while other sessions may highlight skills and things bar takers should be doing at various points of bar review.

Visit the Spartans Pass the Bar D2L page for more information on bar examination support.