Student Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs at MSU Law works closely with MSU Law Student organizations. For questions regarding recruitment, involvement, events or activities at the college of law, please email All other questions should be directed to

Registered Student Organizations at MSU

An MSU RSO is a volunteer group of enrolled students organized to obtain certain goals and objectives. The goals and objectives of these organizations are met through education, social, cultural, religious or philanthropic activities. These activities enhance and support MSU students, the university and the community. Engaged participation in student organizations benefits students’ growth and education while attending the university. Learn more about RSO’s on the Department of Student Life site.

MSU Law Student Organizations

To learn about joining a student organization at MSU Law, or to contact a representative from a student organization, visit Student Organizations at MSU College of Law. Information about requirements for forming a new student organization or re-registering a current organization can be found below.

Registering a New Student Organization

If you are working on establishing a new RSO, a step-by-step video on the registration process can be found here.

To register you will need: 1) 4 student members, 2) 1 staff/faculty advisor, and 3) a constitution. Only MSU students may be officers and/or voting members. Sample materials and additional resources can be found on the Department of Student Life’s site.

All student organizations, should register each academic year using the “Engage” platform.

To be listed as an MSU Law Student Organization, you must send proof of registration, the list of your executive board members, constitution, and the name of your advisor to

Student Leader Resources

All student leaders should review the RSO Handbook to learn the policies, procedures, and requirements for student groups at MSU.

Questions regarding RSO’s police and procedures should be sent to

Resources for Advisors

Role and responsibilities of advisors can be found here. All advisors should also be familiar and use a resource the RSO Handbook.

MSU Law Student Group Forms

Conduct a preliminary conflict check of your proposed dates for a student group event by viewing the room calendars here. Then, you will want to submit your Event Planning Form to the Events Office right away to reserve your date and time.

Funding Options for Student Groups

As you prepare to host events and need additional funding, you should prepare a detailed budget to find out what your needs are. Then, review your options for obtaining funds. Options include:

Selling Merchandise with MSU Logos

For information about selling merchandise with MSU Logos please visit the MSU Licensing site. 

Revised August 16, 2022.