Endowment: Process

Endowed funds can be created with a minimum of $50,000 payable over five years, or through a future gift, a bequest or from your estate. 

Development staff will work with you to establish guidelines for your MSU Law endowment to assure that your wishes and the needs of the College of Law are simultaneously met. These guidelines can be personalized to recognize the unique interests and intent of each gift, as well as create the opportunity to name the endowment after you, in honor of your family, or in memory of someone special.

After your MSU Law endowment has been invested for one full calendar year, a portion of the income earned is available for spending, while the remainder is added to the principal. This allows the endowment to grow over time and safeguard against market volatility. The current endowment spending policy allows the university to spend up to 4.5% of the average market value of the endowment as calculated for the five calendar years prior to the beginning of the fiscal year.

With your gift or pledge to create an endowment, you will automatically be eligible for recognition in one of MSU Law's donor societies, which acknowledge outstanding contributions of $50,000 or more to MSU Law and its many programs. Please contact us via email alumni@law.msu.edu or phone: 517-432-6840 for more information and for creating an endowment.