MSU College of Law


Externships provide law students with an opportunity for experiential learning in legal practice settings such as government agencies, non-profit and public interest organizations, and courts.  Externs work a minimum of 12 to 15 hours per week and receive course credit for the experience.

There also is an academic component to an externship.  Students attend seminars led by members of the faculty throughout the semester, create a learning plan to map their objectives and goals, submit bi-weekly reflective writing assignments, and write a final paper.  Students may apply a maximum of nine externship credits toward their degree.  In a given semester, students may earn three or six credits for their externship experience at a specific site.

Externships provide an excellent way for students to hone their legal skills, build a professional network, and clarify career goals-all while earning academic credit.  MSU Law's externship program connects students to a vast network of employers offering real-world training.  In addition to general externships with the judiciary, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities, other opportunities include:

Externship Information for Current Students