MSU College of Law

Externships — Current Students

Fall 2017 Deadlines

Step 1: Submit to CSO the Request for Externship Site Approval Form (PDF), due August 1, 2017. You will receive an email within two weeks informing you if your site was approved.

Step 2: Submit to CSO the Student Externship Seminar Enrollment Form (PDF), due August 21, 2017.

Step 3: Submit to CSO the Externship Student, Site Supervisor, and Director Agreement Form (PDF), due August 21, 2017.


In addition to the specific time requirements, students must also enroll in a seminar that accompanies their fieldwork.

  • First externship at MSU law?
    • Students who are enrolled in their first externship are required to attend a seminar that meets in-person during the semester - see Student Externship Seminar Enrollment form for dates.
    • One exception to this is if the students’ first externship is out-of-state and then they can be enrolled in an online seminar. Ideally, all students will complete an in-person seminar.
  • Second or third externship at MSU law?
    • Students who previously completed an externship and were enrolled in an in-person seminar may complete the seminar component of subsequent externships online in the Advanced Externship Seminar.

Externship Process Step-by-Step


Before You Begin

  1. For Fall 2017, watch the video on the Student Services website and take the quiz. The video and quiz are REQUIRED regardless of whether you've completed a previous externship or attended a previous information session.

NOTE: To qualify as an externship, you must complete at least 14 weeks of work in the fall or spring semester, or 10 weeks of work in the summer semester. Thus, you cannot participate in BOTH a study abroad experience and an externship in the same summer.

Apply for Positions

In order for a legal position to qualify as an externship, the placement must be approved by the Externship Director.

  1. Begin by reviewing the Approved Externship Employers document in CASE for ideas for externship placements.
  2. Search for preapproved externship placements in CASE.
  3. If there are no pre-approved externship placements, or your proposed placement is not listed, submit your Request for Externship Site Approval Form (PDF) to CSO by August 1, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. Note that a student may not work at a site at which a family member is working, without approval by the Externship Director.

Secure a Position as an Externship

Once your externship placement is approved by the Director of Externships, you will be notified by email and can complete and submit the following paperwork to the Career Services Office by August 21, 2017, at 5:00 p.m.:

  1. Complete the Externship Seminar Enrollment Form - Fall 2017 (PDF) and submit to CSO. Seminars will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so complete and return your forms as soon as possible.
  2. Give your supervisor the Externship Student, Site Supervisor, and Director Agreement Form (PDF) after you have read it, filled it out, and signed it. You must submit the completed and signed documents to CSO before enrollment can take place.

Please keep a copy of the completed documents for your records before submitting them to CSO. Once you submit your paperwork and are notified that the process is complete, you will be placed in a seminar and your professor will contact you before the beginning of the semester.

During the Externship

  1. You will be required to track your hours throughout the externship. A 3-credit externship requires 160 hours of work, a 6-credit externship requires 320 hours of work, and a 9-credit externship requires 480 hours of work. These hours must be completed over 14 weeks during the spring or fall semesters, and 10 weeks during the summer semester.
  2. Attend all seminars and complete all assignments.

After the Externship

  1. Confirm with your supervisor that s/he has completed an Employer Evaluation Form (link will be sent directly to your supervisor via email).
  2. Complete a student evaluation of the externship site.
  3. Complete the course evaluation of the seminar.