MSU College of Law

Fall 2017 Incoming Class

An MSU Law degree is even more valuable due to our generous scholarship program. We'll provide more than 160 full- and partial-tuition awards to members of the fall 2017 incoming class.

PRIORITY SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE:  apply by February 1 for priority scholarship consideration; February 28 is the regular deadline for scholarship consideration.  Those who apply for admission after February 28 will be considered for scholarships based on availability of funds.  Award notifications generally are communicated at the time of acceptance.

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Scholarship Details
Award NameValueCriteria
Academic Awards
Faculty Scholarship $32,500 to Full Tuition 157 LSAT, 3.65 UGPA
Academic Excellence Scholarship $20,000 to $32,500 154 LSAT, 3.55 UGPA
Alumni Scholarship $10,000 to $22,500 154 LSAT, 3.15 UGPA; 150 LSAT, 3.60 UGPA
Trustee Awards $10,000 to Full Tuition Personal and professional background, academic potential
Career Interest Awards
Indigenous Law Award $10,000 to Full Tuition Commitment to Native American culture, academic potential
Intellectual Property Law Award $10,000 to Full Tuition Engineering or science background, academic potential
Excellence in Oral Advocacy Award $10,000 to Full Tuition Excellence in public speaking and interest in trial advocacy
Public Interest Awards $10,000 to Full Tuition Commitment to public service, academic potential
Continuing Student Scholarships $20,000 to Full Tuition 3.60 law school GPA after 1L year (minimum 24 credits)

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The stated UGPA and LSAT criteria for awards represent the Scholarship Committee’s best effort to communicate likely numerical criteria for consideration. The Scholarship Committee also gives consideration to factors such as rigor of academic program, grade trends, and extenuating circumstances. Variations in the applicant pool also may prompt the Scholarship Committee to adjust award levels upward or downward. Although all applicants for admission are considered for scholarship aid, the selection committee may request an interview to assist in the decision-making process.