King Scholars Seminar Papers


Table of Contents

Ashley G. Chrysler, Lyrical Lies: Examining the Use of Violent Rap Lyrics as Character Evidence Under FRE 404(b) and 403

Brandon Eckerle, Montejo’s Impact—Six Years Later

Emily Eldred, Moo-ving for Reliable Animal Welfare Certification on Dairy Farms: Alignin the Interests of Consumers, Farmers, and Animal Advocates in the Dairy Industry

Jessica Hoff, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace: The Constitutionality of States Prohibiting and Not Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages

Devin Kenney, A Goat Too Far?: State Authority to Translocate Species On and Off (and Around) Federal Land

David M. Klevorn, Leveling the Playing Field: Increased Protection for NCAA Student-Athletes via Collective Bargaining

Alicia Kreh, Dower: Reigniting Equal Protection Claims in Response to the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage and the Resulting Changes to Property Rights

David Loudon, Could or Must?: Apprendi’s Application to Indeterminate Sentencing Systems After Alleyne

Michael Maahs, Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: The Moral and Economic Costs of Criminalizing Mental Illness

Morgan McAtamney, Balancing Fairness and Predictability: An Analysis of Proposed Modifications to Standards Regarding the Enforcement of Prenuptial Agreements.

Jourdan Rasmussen, Not Going Gently, or Alone, Into that Good Night: Why Nations Should Enter into an International Space Convention for the Furthering of Cooperation in Space Exploration

Kevin Stokes, Fifty States, Thirteen Circuits, and One “Clearly Established Federal Law”—Why the Supreme Court is the Only Relevant Arbiter of Federal Law for Qualified Immunity.

In addition to the papers listed in the Table of Contents, the following King Scholar theses were accepted.  The authors preferred that their papers not be included here, primarily because they were seeking publication in law reviews.

Kyle M. Asher, Revisiting Judicial Review of Nonlegislative Rules: A Call to Paralyze Auer Deference in the Face of Perez v. Mortgage Bankers Association

Kathryn Church, Transgender Students and School Restrooms: How Michigan Schools Can Minimize the Risk of Legal Liability and Other Adverse Consequences in a Rapidly Expanding Pro-Transgender Rights Society

Alexander G. Izzo,  The Unwavering Presumption: Whether the Presumption of Validity for Granted Patents is Proper in All Situations

Leah Jurss, Braiding Cultures: Making the American Indian Religious Freedom Act Useful in Protecting the Religious Freedom of Native American Students in Public Schools

Stephen R. Layne, What Happened to “Till Death Do Us Part”?: Bringing Back Fault as the Exclusive Ground for Divorce

Matthew C. Piccolo, The Right to Family Integrity

Kent Sparks,  The New Establishment Clause Post-Town of Greece v. Galloway: The Risks of Elevating Historical Practices Above Legal Principles