King Scholars Seminar Papers


Kristen M. Burt, Research Involving Biospecimens: Incorporating a Trust Model into the Common Rule

Joseph M. Cabosky, “Direct and Significant Connection”: The Ramifications of Extraterritorial Derivatives Enforcement under Dodd-Frank and Adopting Antitrust Principles to Create Analogous Enforcement Policies

Michael R. Colasanti, Dying Declarations and the Confrontation Clause

Ellen L. Durkee, Closing the Gap Between Legal Education and Market Demand, and Closing it Now

John Fillmore, Defining the Constitutional Rights of Federal Parolees: Must Warrants for the Revocation of Supervised Release Comply With the Fourth Amendment's "Oath or Affirmation" Requirement?

Alec Martin Kempster, Rethinking Mandatory Detention For Noncitizens

Edmund S. Luggen, Belton Dodges the Bullet: Entitlement Searches Survive Gant But it is Not Too Late to Set Things Straight

Andrea Nester, Sex Offender Registries and the Ex Post Facto Clause: an Exception or the New Rule?

Ford J.H. Turrell, Frack Off! Is Municipal Zoning a Significant Threat to Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan?

Landon J. Wedermyer, The Changing Face of War:  The Stuxnet Virus and the Need for International Regulation of Cyber Conflict

Erica L. Weiss, Treasury Regulations in the Wake of Mayo Foundation and a Possible Attack on Publicly Traded Partnerships

Jeremy Wolfe, Michigan’s Medical Marihuana Act—Parting the Haze

Amanda Zaluckyj, Defining and Implementing Science: Exploring the Science-Based Standard within the Food Safety and Modernization Act

In addition to the papers listed in the Table of Contents, the following King Scholar theses were accepted.  The authors preferred that their papers not be included here, primarily because they were seeking publication in law reviews.

Amanda J. Frank, LegalZoom & Legal Aid: An Unlikely Match to Make Access to Justice a Meaningful Reality

Jeff Freeman, When It Comes To Ergonomics Regulation, How Different Is Different Enough? An Approach from the World of Intellectual Property

Andrew T. Hayner, So I Can Help You But I Can’t Help Myself? Why Coleman v. Court of Appeals of Maryland Was Wrongly Decided 

Michael Keith Hulley, Jr., A Blemish on the Fabric of America: How the Defense of Marriage Act and the Internal Revenue Code Devalue Both Same-Sex Marriage and Traditional Marriage 

Elizabeth K. Lamphier, Sense Enhancing Technology or Sui Generis Non-Search?: The Dog Sniff Comes Home in Florida v. Jardines

Scott N. Stawiasz, GPS Tracking and the Fourth Amendment: A Reduced Expectation of Privacy in Modern Society                 

Michael J. Strach, Rejection of Long-Term Lease Obligations: Compensation for Actual Harm

Laura Williams, How Facial Recognition Technology in Conjunction with Digital Out of Home Media Threatens the Privacy and Anonymity of Children