King Scholars Seminar Papers


John Gehring, Thinking Hypothetically Realistically: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and the Legal Landscape

Daniel J. Magee, The New Confrontation Clause

Salina M. Maxwell, High Noon: Will the Disparity Between Arbitration Facts, Arbitration Policy, and Arbitration Law Force a Reevaluation of the Supreme Court’s Pro-Arbitration Bias?

Jason Murdey, The Nose Knows: What the Supreme Court’s Decision in Matrixx v. Siracusano Says About Pleading Materiality and Scienter in 10(b) Claims

Hailey M. Noonan, The Obama Healthcare Legislation: Fertile Ground for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alexander W. A. Smarsch, Eleven Years Under Our Belt: The Efficacy of Human Trafficking Law Examined

Larry A. "Tony" Smith, The Legality of Privately Funded Merit Pay for Public School Teachers.

Alissa VanderKooi, How to Prevent Attorneys from Forcing their Clients out on the Street: Permitting Corporate Investment in Law Firms as a Replacement for Reverse Contingency Fees to Fund Litigation Against Lenders in the Context of the Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis

In addition to the above papers, the following were submitted as King Scholar theses, but the students chose not to have the papers published on the web site. This most often occurs because the paper has been accepted for publication elsewhere, so it is possible that the papers are accessible elsewhere.

Cory Coe, Holding Debtors Freedom for Ransom?: Ransom v. FIA Card Services

Staci R. DeRegnaucourt, I Can Do Bad All by Myself: A Proposal for Streamlining the Claim Construction Process in Patent Litigation

Michael R. Epstein, Targeted Killing Court: Why the United States Needs to Adopt International Legal Standards for Targeted Killings and How to Do So in a Domestic Court

Elinor R. Jordan, The Court Closes a Door but Leaves an Open Window: The Constitutionality and Ethics of Licensing Lawyers to Advise Designated Foreign Terror Organizations

Alicia W. Parr, Delving Deeper into the Issue: The Substantial Effects Prison Privatization Has on Both the Legislative and Judicial Systems in the U.S.

Jason L. Wiemann, Arrested While Jogging: The Need for a Definition of “High Crime Area” in Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence

Shara Youles, Needless or Necessary? The SEC’s Recommendation for a Uniform Fiduciary Standard for Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers