King Scholar Senior Seminar Papers 2006

Kathleen Burrage, A Mulitfaceted Approach to Recognizing Canadian First Nations Governments: What Courts May Decide

Adam E. Howard, Translating Transsexuals: A Proposal for a Compromise Solution to the “Problem” of Transsexual Marriage

Jennifer L. Ivey, The Effect of Administrative Complexity on the Cost of Health Care in the United States

Joanna C. Kloet, What’s in a Name? Compelled Identification Statutes and Violations of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments

M. Elizabeth Lippitt, First Amendment Ramifications of Mandating Drunk Drivers to Alcoholics Anonymous

Kristen Matha, NCAA Enforcement Staff and Member Institutions Protecting Mutual Interests: Binding Arbitration in Coaching Contracts

Elijah L. Milne, Recharacterizing Separate Property at Divorce

Steven W. Mork, Disapproving Signing Statements and the Presentment Clause: When Words Should Speak Louder than Actions

Anca Iulia Pop, Criminal Liability of Corporations—Comparative Jurisprudence

Steven Shoemaker, DP World, the CFIUS, and Congressional Opposition: How the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), if left to operate independently, provides preexisting protections for the American public and may encourage cooperation in the continuing War on Terror

Sara Spencer Noggle, Giving New Meaning to ‘Watch What You Eat’: An Argument for FTC Regulation of Television Junk Food Advertising Targeting Children

Jason E. Sweeney, Promoting Capital Formation and Maintaining Investor Protection By Removing General Solicitation and Advertising Prohibitions In Exempt Offerings By “Small Private Issuers.”

Jason Sweet, Saving Time and Diminishing Liberty: The Proposal to Abolish the Preliminary Exam Requirement in Michigan

Rose Willis, Back to the Future: Returning to Traditional Notions of Blight as a Way to Enforce a Ban on Kelo-Type Takings