King Scholar Senior Seminar Papers 2005

William S. Cook, What’s Love Got to Do With It? – The Federal Constitutional Case for Same-Sex Marriage

Brenda Doty, Outsourcing of Legal Work: Tonic or Trojan Horse?

Courtney Goldsworthy, Why the United States Has Failed to Ratify the CEDAW: A Look at Purported Problems with Ratification

Danielle Hessell, Michigan’s Case Evaluation Rules: A Study in the Efficacy of Mandatory, Evaluative, and Narrow Alternative Dispute Resolution

Meagan D. Johnson, Return to Public Use a Proposal for Legislative Reform of Michigan’s Blight Redevelopment Statutory Scheme

Aaron Keyes, Equity, or the lack thereof, in Michigan Lender Liability Jurisprudence: Crown Technology and the Lender Liability Amendment to the Michigan Statue of Frauds.

Jennifer L. Langley, State Retail Sales Tax versus National Retail Sales Tax: A Critical Examination

Lori A. Lundberg, Military Conscription in a Vacuum: Why Men and Women Should Insist on an Egalitarian Draft

Charles Malette, ADR Online? An Analysis of Multiplayer Video Games and ADR Processes

Robyn Mallon, The Deplorable Standard of Living Faced by Farmed Animals in America’s Meat Industry and How to Improve Conditions by Eliminating the Corporate Farm

Martin D. McReynolds, Kreiner v. Fischer: The Latest Step in the Emergence and Evolution of the Lifestyle Element in the Michigan No-Fault Act § 3135 Threshold Inquiry

John Reginald Nizol, Sacrificing the Constitution on the Altar of Victim Advocacy: Due Process, the Warrant Clause and the Immediate Enforceability of Ex Parte Protection Orders

Elizabeth Rebecca Proctor, When Harriet Left Ozzie for Wanda, and the Tax Implications of that Decision

Sheila Rajan, The Prospect of Third-Party Mediation of the Kashmir Dispute: Is There A Way to Re-engage India in a Facilitated Discussion?

Aaron L. Vorce, Michigan’s Regulatory Compliance Defense: Ill-Founded Immunity For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Mark E. Warmbier, Defining Serious Impairment of Body Function: The Aftermath of Kreiner and the Need for Change