Dustin Gibb

Attorney at The Gibb Law Firm, PC

2010 | Salt Lake City, UT

Brigham Young University | Political Science

“All of the courses I took in law school helped me pass two bar exams, each on the first sitting.”

Dustin Gibb’s practice consists mostly of commercial litigation, personal injury, and family law. “The diversity of my work allows me to interact with a variety of clients, including insurance companies, financial institutions, businesses, and individuals,” he said. “I enjoy obtaining favorable results for my clients. Clients pay a premium for an attorney's specialized skills and professionalism. Knowing that the time, effort, and resources spent on a case were worthwhile is the most rewarding part of being an attorney.”

Dustin said that, unfortunately, some people have a negative opinion of the legal community and couldn’t imagine hiring an attorney to resolve a dispute. “It is rewarding to help clients understand the value of an attorney's services and, hopefully, change their perception of our field,” he said.

In a challenging legal market, Dustin feels fortunate to have landed with a great firm. “My writing ability played a large role in my obtaining each job I have had since law school. MSU Law taught me not only to write well, but also to write like an attorney—persuasively and honestly,” he said.

Dustin recalls his professors emphasizing the importance of being candid with the court. “Obviously you will have a hard time getting a job if you can't pass the bar exam. All of the courses I took in law school helped me pass two bar exams, each on the first sitting. Professors Kathleen Payne, Brian Kalt and Melanie Jacobs were particularly helpful in teaching material in a way that give future attorneys the confidence and knowledge necessary to pass the bar and be a successful attorney,” he said.

Dustin also worked for a semester at the Small Business and Nonprofit Clinic. He said the experience was extremely valuable because he gained practical experience that helped him better understand the needs and demands of clients he now works with.

MSU’s name recognition has also benefitted Dustin. “Anyone paying attention to law school rankings will recognize that MSU Law has climbed the list at a faster pace than almost any other law school. The faculty, clinical opportunities, facilities, and overall experience are unmatched,” he said.

Dustin recommends MSU College of Law to prospective students in part because he feels East Lansing provides a great atmosphere for all students. “I came to law school as a newlywed and left with two children,” he said. “Because my wife and I both were raised in the West, my wife insisted that I not apply to any school in the Midwest. I applied to MSU Law anyway. After spending three years in Michigan, we couldn't imagine having gone anywhere else. The best memories and friends we have are from our time spent at Michigan State.”