Brett R. Sheneman

Senior Associate at Serpe, Jones, Andrews, Callender & Bell, PLLC

2010 | Houston TX

Texas A&M University | Political Science, Business, History

"At MSU Law, you are family.”

As an associate at Jones Walker, Brett Sheneman represents primarily energy industry clients in issues related to upstream oil and gas exploration disputes, natural gas and oil pipeline issues, and other disputes.

“The most rewarding part of my job is the people I work with,” he said. “I also enjoy working with our clients, who are a pleasure to serve.”

Sheneman credits his success to the professors at MSU Law for forming a foundation for basic legal services, including Professor Kevin Gentry’s Research, Writing, and Advocacy class. Brett also noted how much Professors Eliot Spoon and Bruce Bean were important to his development. “I still see them as shining examples on how one ought to practice law – with professionalism, enthusiasm, and dedication.”

MSU Law’s strengths are two-fold, with community being the first. “It is an enriching and engaging academic and professional community that breathes life into the notion that hard work and dedication act in concert as a recipe for success,” he explained. The second strength is the faculty: “Their dedication to the study and practice of law taught me invaluable lessons that will resonate throughout the rest of my career.”