Mark Jensen

Associate Lawyer at Bettenberg, Maguire & Associates LLC

2015 | Denver, CO

Brigham Young University | History

“Professors want you to succeed, and are willing to provide insight and advise to your future goals.”

Mark Jensen said he chose MSU College of Law because he was amazed with how friendly the students and professors were on his visit, and he loved how much school pride existed on campus. “Professors want you to succeed, and are willing to provide insight and advise to your future goals,” Mark said. “Also, your fellow students are your friends, not your enemies.”

Mark was a member of the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute which focuses on litigation and mediation. “I like to be active, and practice what I learn rather than strictly read from a book,” he said.

When Mark did need to do some book-learning, he turned to the Academic Success Program. “After my first semester, I knew I needed some extra help to better outline, structure, and write my exam questions clearly,” he said. “The Academic Success Program was fantastic and taught me the skills I needed to succeed.”

The summer after his 1L year, Mark pursued more hands-on experience by studying abroad in Japan with Professor Ravitch. “The experience was beneficial on so many levels,” he said. “After my first year, I was tired and needed a break. However, I was still able to get 5 credits, something that has been great going into my third year. Professor Ravitch is awesome. He makes learning fun, and he would do anything to help his students succeed in whatever field they want to practice.”

On a broader level, Mark said the Office of Student Affairs helped him meet the requirements for graduation and the bar. “Since each state stresses different courses, the OSA has been great in helping me create a path towards graduating,” he said.