Meghan Connelly

Assistant District Attorney, Cumberland County District Attorney's Office

2010 | Portland, ME

Fordham University | Political Science

“MSU also comes with a big school name and that helps with recognition in any market, as well as a topic or opening line in interviews.”

Meghan Connelly handles an average case load of more than forty felony indictments. Her cases range from gun possession cases to robberies, burglaries, assaults, vehicular crimes, and deaths.

“I investigate and assess cases which include witness interviews, search warrants, proffer agreements, and more,” she said. “I also prepare these cases for trial, and then conduct felony hearings and jury trials. By far, the most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to serve as a voice for victims of crimes.”

Connelly said her experiences in MSU College of Law’s Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute (TPI) prepared her for her career.

“I was in TPI and when I interviewed for the Bronx DA's Office I did my opening statement for them in my second round panel interview,” she said. “I truly have to say that TPI was the most practical thing I did in law school, and by far the most useful.”

She recommends any law students interested in litigation should consider the Trial Practice Institute.

“TPI is extremely appealing to employers, no matter where you are applying throughout the country,” she said. “I truly believe that one of the reasons I was chosen over thousands of other applicants was because of my experience with TPI. I was able to discuss voir dire, forensics, trial strategies, as well as do an impromptu opening statement on my interview.