Dear MSU Law Students:

I write to you with a heavy heart as I witness the violence in Washington. Never in my lifetime did I anticipate that we would witness such violence in our Capitol. Whether you voted for President Trump or President-Elect Biden, as future lawyers – and leaders – we have a duty to the rule of law and should all be dismayed by the events unfolding today. Peaceful protest is an important part of our democracy; vocal dissent is an important part of our democracy; but violence against our lawmakers and incitement to violence is not.

The events of the past year including police brutality (and murder) against too many Black and Brown people, the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black, Brown, and Indigenous people, and unfounded claims of a fraudulent election, are a reminder of how important it is for us - lawyers and leaders - to work harder for safety and justice for all. I am hopeful that the violence ends soon.

Stay safe.

Dean Jacobs

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