MSU College of Law


Michigan State Law is pleased to provide the following donor-funded scholarships and book awards made possible by alumni and friends. The Office of Advancement works closely with alumni and friends to make scholarship support possible. Donors understand the need to help provide a quality legal education to tomorrow’s students.

Professor Recommended Scholarships

Noah Cooper Indigenous Law Scholarship Preference will be given to 2L or 3L students, who are making reasonable progress to their law degree and with demonstrated interest in the following areas: 1. Native American Civil Rights; 2. Environmental Sustainability; 3. Anti-Discrimination; 4. Issues Affecting Native Children

Scholarships Based on Successful Competition

Alton T. Davis Moot Court Scholarship Member in good standing of the MSU Law Moot Court Program. Preference given to applicants with a financial need.
Eve August Moot Court Scholarship Awarded to the 2L with the highest score overall in the moot court class.
Trial Practice Institute Criteria to be provided later.

Application-Based Scholarships

Professor Alvin L. Storrs Low Income Tax Clinic Scholarship 2L, or 3L with at least a 2.75 GPA; Enrolled and will complete and/or completed Tax Clinic I within a one year period. No more than 50% scholarship support; One page description of why you are worthy of this scholarship.
Barrister's Ball 2L or 3L student; GPA 2.75 or higher; preference given to students who demonstrate financial need. Applicants should submit a one page essay about what action the student takes to minimize student debt and how this scholarship will ease the burden extra school expenses (such as technology and books) place on the student.
Chicago Area Alumni Scholarship Awarded to 2L or 3L from the Chicago Area with a GPA of at least 2.9
Ida & Benjamin Alpert Foundation for Myron & Doris Alpert 2L or 3L MSU Law Student. Minimum GPA of 2.75. Demonstrates financial need
Jackson Lewis Scholarship Minority student that has demonstrated an interest in labor and employment law as an area of specialization
Jewish Legal Society Scholarship Currently enrolled student of the MSU College of Law. GPA 2.5 or higher. Currently receiving no more than 50% tuition support from the law college. Preference given to the students who demonstrate financial need. Applicants should submit a one page essay about how his or her Jewish heritage or identity has influenced his or her decision to pursue a legal education and career.
The John R. Grace Law Review Scholarship 2L or 3L; current member of Law Review; Applicant is to write a one page essay detailing how they apply the writing skills they have gained on Law Review to their legal education and community;
Joseph Lupton Memorial Scholarship
  1. Recipient of the scholarship will have successfully completed the LEO (Legal Education Opportunity) Program and are currently enrolled as 1L student.
  2. Applicants will submit a one page essay describing how the LEO Program impacted their legal education and how they were impacted by the program.
Law Review Scholarship 2L or 3L students who are current Law Review members. Additional essay on your role within Law Review and how it is preparing you for a career in law
Neil A. McLean Endowed Conservation Law Scholarship Preference given to students who are experienced and enthusiastic hunters/fishermen
MSU College of Law Faculty Endowed 2L or 3L; S47 3.25 minimum GPA
- Currently receiving no more than 50% of their tuition paid through scholarships
- Preference given to students with a strong work background and who demonstrate financial need
Professor Michelle LaForest Halloran Endowed Clinic Scholarship
  1. 2L or 3L MSU Law student
  2. Minimum of 2.8 GPA
  3. Currently enrolled or past participant of the MSU Law Clinic
  4. Currently receiving no more than 50% of their tuition paid through scholarships
Nicholas Wittner Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Prof. Robert C. Trojanowicz Given to students with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with a GPA of 3.25 or higher
S. Gary Spicer, Sr. Sports Law Scholarship Interested 2L or 3L students who have at least a 3.00 GPA. Recipient of the scholarship will submit a one page application outlining how these funds will further their study in Sports Law and why they should be selected. Currently receiving no more than 50% of their tuition paid through scholarships.
State Bar Health Care Law Scholarship Awarded to a student with high achievement in Property.
Stokes-Hoffman LGBT Scholarship
  1. Student is a second (2L) or third (3L) law student unless there isn’t a qualified 2 or 3L who applies, then to an incoming first year law student (1L) to be used as a recruitment tool.
  2. Preference will be given to an active member in good standing of the LGBT Student Law Group for all years in law school at MSU Law and who demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of the LGBT community and LGBT public policy.
Tri-State Scholarship (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) This scholarship is awarded to students who originate from the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut and possess an exceptional GPA.
Richard and Raj Wiener DCL Legacy Scholarship
  1. 2L, or 3L with at least a 2.5 GPA
  2. No more than 50% scholarship support
  3. Preference given to relative of a DCL/MSU Law alumnus
  4. One page description of how you will use your law degree with high ethical standards to make a difference in your community.
Washington D.C. Scholarship Participated in DC Externship program

Admission-Based Scholarships

Abraham Thomas Award Academic Excellence
Arthur Lederle Award Academic Excellence
Dan Downy Hockey Scholarship
  1. Preference will be given to incoming admitted Law student(s) who played on MSU Men’s Ice Hockey team, MSU Women's Ice Hockey Team, Men's or Women's Club Hockey Team, College of Law Hockey Team or has played for the MSU Men's Ice Hockey team and suffered a career ending injury.
  2. Must have 2.5 GPA overall for each academic years.
Francis Barron Award Worthy student; preference to Livingston County Resident
Harold and Marion Gordon Scholarship Worthy Student
Harry and Netta Letzer Scholarship Financial need
Hudson Webber Foundation Trustee Tribute Academic Excellence
Donald and Edna Castle Award Academic Excellence
Jean P Carl Scholarship Exceptional academic credentials, interest in child abuse and family law
John Bills Award Academic Excellence
Michael Berry Endowed Scholarship Students with a dedication to civic or community service may apply; preference will be given to students of Lebanese descent who are U.S. citizens
MSU Law Alumni Association Scholarship 1L; median LSAT or Higher, Son/Daughter of MSU/DCL Law Grad, Financial need, preference to strong work background; Recipient must attend an AA meeting before disbursement
Russell and Sue Ellen Buyers Scholarship Worthy Student
Shannon Abbot Scholarship Worthy Student
William S. Sells, Jr. Scholarship Financial need

Other Scholarships

Irvin H. Yackness and June G. Yackness Fund 3L with interest in affordable housing law
Edwin and Theresa Eliz. Oehmke Memorial Award Academic Excellence
George Roumell Scholarship
The Edwin J. Kreski Award This award is to benefit a CMU alumnus who is a MSU COL Moot Court Student or Jessup Competition team member. The award will be decided by the Moot Court Advisor.
The Louis J. Colombo Award Awarded to the 3L who is most proficient in a criminal procedure class, based on academic performance.
The Rodney Martin Lockwood Memorial Award Awarded to the student who exhibits outstanding work in their first year property course.
The Harold Norris Writing Award Awarded to benefit the student who receives the highest grade in Criminal Law.
The Alexander Petrellis Perry Book Award Awarded to benefit a senior student who writes the best paper based on a legal problem. The legal problem is determined annually by a faculty member
The Helen B. Buchanan Memorial Award The award is given annually to the most proficient student in any evidence class (i.e. Applied Evidence, Evidence, and Evidence Seminar).
The Stephen T. Roumell Award This award is given to the most proficient student in either Basic Income Tax A or B.