MSU College of Law

Trial Practice in the Age of Technology

MSU Law Trustee Judge David W. McKeague, U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, takes you on an inside tour of what the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute at the Law College offers its students. The following clips will guide you through innovative coursework and training techniques taught to students and the technologically-advanced setting that the Clif & Carolyn Haley Moot Courtroom provides.

Graduates of the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute have more comprehensive training in electronic presentation than any other law school graduates. Jurors today expect a visual and efficient presentation of facts and law in courtrooms and the Institute teaches students how to utilize courtroom technology to meet these expectations.

Students use the courtroom technology early in the program, enabling them to be as effective as possible as they launch their professional careers. Knowledge of courtroom technology also gives students a career advantage, enabling them to offer desirable skills to a traditional law firm or the public sector.

The Clif and Carolyn Haley Moot Courtroom

 The Clif and Carolyn Haley Moot Courtroom in the Law College Building serves as the central classroom for the Geoffrey Fieger Trial Practice Institute. Upgraded in 2004, the courtroom is one of the most advanced in the nation with extensive technological support for a trial setting.

The Haley Moot Courtroom includes a full range of evidence and document presentation equipment, remote witness capability, multi-angled cameras, court-management software, and electronic recording equipment to capture jury reaction and response.

The courtroom is designed to let the students be teachers as they work with their colleagues on these advanced training techniques. The ability to combine theory and courtroom techniques will be a career-long advantage no matter where graduates of the program choose to practice.