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Available Classroom & A/V Technology

Our technology equipment may be reserved for use by any MSU Law Faculty, Staff, or Student for no charge for college related events. Outside sources meeting in the Law College building, may also use our equipment for a fee. We require that you contact us at least 48 business hours prior to the time you will be needing the equipment. Please use Web Services or e-mail to reserve any equipment. Additionally, several of the classrooms have permanently installed instructional technology.

We are able to provide the following equipment:

Audio Recording – With this system, you can record audio in MP3 format. It can be connected to speakers or a sound system for better sound and can also be hooked up to a microphone for better recording sound. [instructions]

Digital Still Camera – This camera takes digital still photos that can be downloaded to a computer.

Document Camera – This device can be used to project any physical object with the use of a LCD projector. You can put a piece of paper, book or even three-dimensional object on the stage and a live image will be shown on the screen. [instructions]

Laptop – A portable personal computer. These are usually connected to a projector for presentations. If one of these systems is loaned out, Technology Services will go over how to utilize it. [instructions]

Portable LCD Projector – This projector system is portable and can be connected to a laptop or document camera. It is excellent for giving a presentation in a relatively small room. [instructions]

TV with DVD/VCR – This is simply a TV and VCR on a portable cart. This system can be used alone or hooked up to a sound system, projector and/or ITV.

Video Camera – This is a MinDV digital video camera. It can be used to record audio and video. [instructions]

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