Online Teaching Resources

MSU’s official remote instruction website with multiple resources and available webinars

MSU Classroom Use of Kaltura, other recording technologies, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (PDF)

Mitchell Hamline webinar

Barnhizer's D2L tutorial video

This video covers:

  • Syllabus instructions for students to access D2L (plus helpdesk information)
  • Logging into D2L
  • Very broad overview of Global Food Law Program best practices for designing / structuring an asynchronous online class
  • Finding your course in D2L (MSU automatically creates a D2L version of every course you teach)
  • Navigating your D2L course
  • Using YouTube for quick and dirty closed captioning
  • Creating new files, posting videos (D2L is robust enough to upload), monitoring student performance
  • Brief overview of what you can do with the Camtasia video editing software (you’ll see annotations, blurring, masking, and transitions in this video)
  • Quizzes and discussion questions on D2L
  • Viewing your materials as if you were a student.

Additional Zoom/D2L tutorials

Online Assessment materials

  • West Academic Assessment is free this semester for faculty to assign to their students. They have all sorts of multiple choice, short answer and essay questions for many of the 1L and upper level core classes. Go to and create an account with your account for access.
  • West Academic Study Aids is a digital collection of study aids for students to which MSU Law subscribes. Included in this set are several skills/problem based books such as the Bridge to Practice and Developing Professional Skills series. Go to and create an account for access.
  • Center for Computer Aided Legal Instruction (CALI) also has lessons includes more than 600 exercises covering a variety of 1L-3L topics. You can find it at To access the lessons, you and your students will need an authorization code; the faculty code is: DETCOLfac58 and the student code is: DETCOLstu58. Additionally, if you use TWEN, you can easily add CALI lessons to your TWEN course website.

Microsoft Teams

Basics (PDF)