MSU College of Law

Academic Success Program Opportunities

  • Resources for 1L Students: Throughout the academic year, the ASP co-Directors will lead skills workshops on key topics such as exam-writing, synthesizing course material, outlining, taking notes in class, reading for law school, study strategies, and time management. These workshops are open to all interested first year students.

    The Academic Success Program also coordinates a teaching assistant program offered in conjunction with several first year courses. The ASP staff trains and supports a team of highly qualified upper-level students who provide additional reinforcement of class material through practical exercises during regularly offered TA labs. These labs are subject and professor specific and are open to all interested first year students.

    ASP offers a Critical Skills Program during the spring semester for students who wish to take advantage of more intensive academic skills instruction. CSP is a weekly study group led by one of ASP’s Co-Directors, focusing on a variety of academic skills taught within the context of the material being covered in a spring semester doctrinal course. In CSP, students revisit study and test-taking skills, complete practice questions, and discuss analysis and sample answers.

    The ASP staff is also always available for individual consultation with 1L students desiring extra attention. Whether a student's issue is academic or emotional (or a combination of both), the ASP staff are well-equipped to counsel and guide students through the, oftentimes, tumultuous first year of law school.

  • Resources for Upper Class Students: Academic support does not end with completion of a student's first year. ASP staff provides individual consultation and/or support to students whose academic performance raises concerns about their mastery of first-year material or their adoption of strategies for succeeding in their future courses. ASP also provides support to upper level students as they contemplate and prepare for the bar exam.

  • Resources Available to Graduates and Alumni

    Finally, Michigan State University College of Law is invested in its students' bar exam success and offers programs and individual counseling to support graduates as they prepare for the bar.