Progressive Legal Society

Caitlin Butcher, President

CJ Paratore, Vice President

To cultivate grassroots support for modern Progressive values; to promote the idea that all Progressive police proposals must include ALL Americans, equitably; to confront our Nation’s past (and present) head-on, exploring what can be done to right past wrongs and thereby strengthening our Nation; to promote honesty and integrity in our members; to cultivate individuals who are capable oi bringing their conscious to work; to cultivate, sharpen, strengthen, and encourage individuals who share Progressive and humanist views to have the courage to build-the case for these values and policies within the framework of law; to demonstrate that principles of Liberty and lndividual Freedom extend to guarantee a basic social safety net under which no one is allowed to fall. Our conception of Liberty and Individual Freedoms are meant to include ALL, not only a majority, and not only those who can afford to distance themselves from American poverty, racism, and repression on the basis of gender.