Criminal Justice Society

Blake Querio, President

Aidan Van Alstyne, Vice President

The Criminal Defense Association (CDA) is committed to building a just society where exceptional legal representation is provided. To do so, the CDA strives to increase the law school criminal defense community, educate law students on how to develop their skills, provide networking opportunities to assist law students in securing internships, externships, post-graduate employment, and the like. The CDA is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to criminal defense, in that the organization will offer an opportunity for members to get proximate to all aspects of criminal defense work.

The CDA is committed to creating an organization free of sexism, racism, classism, heterocentrism, ableism, and ageism. We strive to operate in a cohesive and respectful way in which all members’ voices are heard. We respect diversity and foster an inclusive environment where we are committed to helping people learn the necessary skills to effect change.