Hugh Theut Appointed Incoming Editor-in-Chief of Michigan State Law Review

As the 2021-22 academic year draws to a close, the passing of the torch is happening among many student organizations and leadership groups at the College of Law.

Michigan State Law Review, the law school’s flagship journal, begins the process each spring by hosting elections to determine a new executive board for the coming year. The result of the recent vote appointed rising 3L Hugh Theut, ’23, as the new Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of Law Review.

“Getting on Law Review is such a big accomplishment to me,” Theut explained, “and then to go through the elections process and make it to EIC, I think it’s very humbling.”

Theut joined Law Review with the goal of adding strong legal writing skills to his learned ability for advocacy. He studied political science at the University of Iowa, where he also minored in rhetoric and persuasion. His minor allowed Theut the opportunity to engage in public speaking and serve as an advocate, ultimately motivating him to pursue a law degree. He comes from a family of practicing attorneys, so the idea was always on the table, but Theut explained that “by the time I got to undergrad, I found a niche for (the law) and enjoyed it.”

Originally from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and a citizen of the Mackinac Bands of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians, Theut returned to his home state after receiving his bachelor’s degree. He chose to continue his education at MSU Law, “I thought it was a great law school coming in, and now I feel as though I made the right decision,” he said. Continuing, Theut said, “The school has provided me with every opportunity to succeed, including a summer associate position with Kerr Russell I landed through the school’s on campus interview process.”

Outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Brandon Cross, ’22, has supported Theut during the leadership transition. “He’s been super helpful, bringing me up to speed,” Theut said. “His advice was to work closely with Professor David Blankfein-Tabachnick, stay on the ball, and don’t get behind. Be ready for anything.”

Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick serves as Michigan State Law Review’s faculty advisor, and he celebrated Theut’s appointment: “Becoming Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan State Law Review is among the highest honors a student at our Law College might achieve. Hugh is an extraordinarily bright and tremendously capable person. As a student, he has been an absolute star.”

“Hugh will continue the excellence that has been the journal’s marquee, building on the superb work of previous EIC’s. Most recently, Brandon Cross, whose tireless and outstanding work and commitment to the journal has been just astonishing,” he added. “We all owe Bran and his team a huge thank you and look forward to working with Hugh and his incoming team as they take on the leadership of one of Michigan State University’s many crown jewels.”    

As Theut prepares to take on more responsibility in his new role with Law Review, he is excited for what the year ahead will bring.

“I look forward to working with Professor Blankfein-Tabachnick. I think he’s phenomenal. I had him for Tax last semester, and he was great,” Theut said. “I also talked to the previous Editor-in-Chief before Bran, Kylee Nemetz, and she had a lot of great things to say about the position. … I just feel incredibly lucky.”