Danielle Rogers Selected for Muslim Studies Program Student Research Showcase

Danielle Rogers, ’20, was selected among applicants from across the university to present in Michigan State University’s 2019 Muslim Studies Program Student Research Showcase. Rogers submitted for the showcase with her student note, “Dreams of Liberation Bound by Bondage,” which addresses the enslavement of Sub-Saharan Africans in Libya and proposes potential solutions.

“I am extremely blessed and honored to have the opportunity to present on this issue. I definitely hope that I can raise awareness and also bring light to the situation by offering solutions,” Rogers said. “Through publishing and presenting my note, I would like to help bring justice for the Sub-Saharan Africans enslaved in Libya.”

Her entrance into the showcase was inspired and supported by MSU Law Professor Catherine Grosso. In addition to being selected for the showcase, Rogers’ note will also be included in Volume 28 of the Michigan State University International Law Review.

Student finalists will give presentations on their submitted works at MSU’s International Center on April 25. Awards for the top Graduate Student Paper, Undergraduate Student Paper, and Student Poster/Multimedia will be handed out on the day.