Welcome, Class of 2021!

The start of a new week also marks the beginning of a new chapter for our 209 incoming 1L students. On Monday, August 20, Michigan State University College of Law welcomed the newest generation of Spartan lawyers for Immersion Week 2018.

The class includes students of all ages from four countries apart from the United States – South Korea, Canada, China, and the Philippines – and they completed their undergraduate degrees at nearly 100 different institutions.

“Not only do our students hail from all over the country and around the world but, likewise, our 12,000 MSU Law alumni are practicing from New York to Los Angeles,” said Dean Lawrence Ponoroff.

Dean Ponoroff addressed the incoming class to kick off Immersion Week. He was a first-generation college student and the first lawyer in his family, and he shared with the group about how to find success in law school.

He explained that while many law students claim to know exactly what they want to do, he advised students to “sample the curriculum broadly.”

“MSU Law offers a kaleidoscopic educational experience that is richer and far more advantageous than anyone could have imagined even 20 years ago,” said Dean Ponoroff.

He recommended that students enrich their classroom experience at MSU Law by participating in student organizations and the clinics. Dean Ponoroff also emphasized the importance of achieving a work-life balance and taking the time to decompress from the stresses and pressures of law school.

The Class of 2021 will graduate in less than 1,000 days. We look forward to all that they will achieve here as members of the Spartan community, as well as what they will share with the world once that time comes.