June 4, 2009


Several MSU Law Professors Participate in Law and Society Association Annual Meeting

East Lansing, MI — Michigan State University College of Law Professors Grosso, Lawrence, O'Brien, Ravitch, Starnes, and Staszewski recently presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association in Denver, Colorado. The theme of the meeting was "Law, Power, and Inequality in the 21st Century."

Professor Catherine Grosso presented her paper "Military Murder versus Civilian Murder: The Impact of Civilian Aggravators on Military Death Sentencing, 1984-2005" during the session "Criminal Law 2--Comparative Perspectives."

Professor Michael Lawrence presented his paper "Reconciling Liberty and Progressive Government" in the session on "Power and Justice in Legal Theory."

Professor Barbara O'Brien's paper "A Recipe for Bias: An Empirical Look at the Interplay between Institutional Incentives and Bounded Rationality in Prosecutorial Decision Making" was presented during "Interrogating the Limits of Guilt and Criminal Responsibility."

Professor Frank Ravitch presented his paper "Marketing Creation: The Law and Intelligent Design" during "The Politics of Church-State Relations across Multiple Domains" and his paper "Navigating Religious Pluralism: The Hermeneutics of Religious Diversity" in the session on "Perspectives on Law and Religious Pluralism."

Senior Associate Dean and Professor Cynthia Lee Starnes presented "Children, Divorce, and Clean-Break Economics; A Dual Partnership Perspective" during the session on "Commodification of Families and Home."

Finally, Professor Glen Staszewski's paper "The Federal Inaction Commission" was presented during the session "Regulatory Governance--Accountability of Regulatory Agencies."

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