September 30, 2009


MSU College of Law Establishes Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics

East Lansing, MI — Law students who receive a sound education in ethics are instrumental to restoring ethics to society, according to former Michigan attorney general Frank Kelley, who's partnering with the MSU College of Law to launch the Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics on October 1, 2009.

A substantial endowment was raised for the Kelley Institute, which will allow the college to bring leading figures in legal ethics to the Law College every year, to provide public lectures, teach students, meet with faculty, and publish the lectures in the Michigan State Law Review.

"If students have an education in ethics, it will become part of their thinking," Kelley said. "They will have a good ethical influence on the legal community and enhance their reputations with the courts. All law schools in the country need a new respect for and focus on ethics in public and private activities in this country. I envision MSU Law will lead the way with its new Institute of Ethics."

Kelley served as Michigan's attorney general for 37 years, making him the country's longest-serving state attorney general. In 1990, the College of Law presented Kelley with an honorary degree.

"We are honored to introduce the Frank J. Kelley Institute of Ethics at MSU Law. Its incorporation into the Law College demonstrates our understanding that ethics are central to our profession and to the education we offer," said Joan Howarth, dean of MSU College of Law. "In addition, this wonderful Kelley Institute of Ethics is a constant reminder to our students that ethics are at the heart of law and that professional ethics are not simply another subject to be mastered. Ethics are always relevant, always crucial, always key to success."

She added that while law students are immersed in concepts of ethics and professionalism from the beginning, the Kelley Institute will grant them access to the brainpower of renowned ethics experts from around the country, who bring different perspectives to the classroom.

David Wilkins, Lester Kissel professor of law at Harvard Law School and director of the school's Program on the Legal Profession, will give the inaugural Frank J. Kelley Lecture on Ethics at 5 p.m. on October 1 in the Law College's Castle Board Room. Kelley will give remarks following Wilkins' lecture, which is free and open to the public. A reception will follow the event.

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