Non-Degree Programs

  • Exchange Programs for Foreign Law Students

    Exchange Programs for Foreign Law Students

    MSU Law is one of just a handful of U.S. law schools that permit students from abroad to enroll in law courses for a semester or a year. This option allows undergraduate and graduate law students from abroad to take courses at MSU Law at a discounted rate on a non-degree basis. Many students choose this option and have courses taken at MSU Law count toward their law degree in the home country.

    Students can enroll in two ways, either through MSU’s American Semester Program or through an institutional partnership between their home institution and the MSU College of Law.

    The American Semester Program


    Undergraduate students from around the world can study at MSU Law for one or two semesters through MSU’s unique American Semester Program (ASP). Students apply directly to the American Semester Program, which partners with the College of Law to make an admissions decision, processes student visas, and otherwise assists students during their time at MSU.

    College of Law staff serve as advisors and guides throughout ASP students’ time in the United States.

    American Semester students who take courses at the College of Law get the best of both worlds: a law school experience in the United States, plus the chance to live life on one of the largest university campuses in the United States.

    Learn more about American Semester Program

    Students from MSU Law Partner Institutions

    Students from MSU Law’s university partners around the world may attend MSU Law as guest students for a semester or a year. Students will work with MSU Law’s graduate admissions staff for visa processing, enrollment assistance, and other pre-arrival tasks.

    Our visiting students take classes with American JD students and foreign and American graduate students, choosing from a wide variety of topics.

  • Programs for Visiting Scholars and Professionals

    Programs for Visiting Scholars and Professionals

    Visiting Scholars

    MSU Law is proud to host several scholars each year who are academics and practitioners in their home countries. These visiting scholars audit courses and conduct research at MSU Law while absorbing the rich academic environment here. Scholars benefit from attending the numerous on-campus programs and participating in activities for both law and international students.
    MSU Law charges a $5000 USD flat rate per semester for visiting scholars who conduct research and audit up to two classes. This does not include housing and other fees. 

    Visiting Professionals

    MSU Law also partners with the Visiting International Professional Program (VIPP) which is a world leader in providing executive education and professional development training for international visitors. Learn more about their program offerings.

  • Apply


    Apply Now

    All visiting students and scholars apply for guest status at MSU Law through our Online Student Portal.

    Please note that if you are coming to MSU College of Law through the American Semester Program or VIPP Program, you must first apply and be accepted to these programs.  If you are part of an exchange program with your school, please check on requirements before applying.