Admitted Students - Master of Legal Studies

The Master of Legal Studies program is not accepting new applicants for the Fall 2022 academic year as the program undergoes curriculum re-development. To inquire about other program options, please contact us at

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Welcome to the MLS Degree Program! We hope you are excited about undertaking this program at Michigan State University College of Law.

The MLS is highly customizable to allow you to meet your professional goals.  You’ll have access to approximately 140 specialized electives offered to current MSU Law students.

All students must complete 30 credits within three academic years with a 2.0 minimum cumulative grade-point average.

One of the following courses:
LAW 530D: Research, Writing and Analysis (2 cr.)
LAW 530E: Research, Writing and Analysis: Intellectual Property Perspective (2 cr.)
LAW 530N: Research, Writing, and Analysis: Criminal Law Perspective (2 cr.)
LAW 530Q: Research, Writing and Analysis: Social Justice Perspectives (2 cr.)

Two of the following courses:
LAW 500F: Criminal Law (3 cr.)
LAW 500G: Property (4 cr.)
LAW 500R: Torts I (4 cr.)
LAW 530B: Contracts (4 cr.)
LAW 500M: Business Enterprises (3 or 4 cr.)
LAW 500N: Constitutional Law II (4 cr.)
LAW 532: Administrative Law (2 or 3 cr.)

Sample Academic Tracks for MLS Students, Based on Background at Time of Admission

Each student will design her/his own curriculum based upon the degree requirements and her/his professional goals. We’ve provided a few examples of tracks to provide inspiration for your course selections, but we encourage you to review the Course Descriptions for yourself to explore your options.

Real Estate Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Property (4)
Contracts (4)
Potential Electives Mortgages
Sales and Leases
Basic Income Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Land Use Planning


Business Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Business Enterprises (3) or (4)
Contracts (4)
Potential Electives Advanced Corporate Law
Antitrust Law
Corporate Finance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Securities Regulation I
Product Liability


Human Resources Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Business Enterprises (3) or (4)
Contracts (4)
Potential Electives Labor Law
ADR in the Workplace
Contract Drafting
Labor Arbitration


Legislative and Policy Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Administrative Law (3)
Constitutional Law (4)
Potential Electives Communications Law and Policy
Government Relations and Lobbying Law
State and Local Government Law
State and Local taxation
Civil Mediation
Classes Related to any Policies of Interest


Environmental/Natural Resources Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Administrative Law (3)
Property (4)
Potential Electives Wildlife Law
Animal Law
Natural Resources Law
Agriculture Law
Energy Law
Environmental Law
Biotechnology Seminar
Regulating Environmental Risk


Criminal Justice Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Criminal Law (3)
Property (4)
Potential Electives Criminal Procedure: Invesgtigations
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
Juvenile Law
Trial Practice Institute - Forensic Science
Criminal Trial Advocacy I
Criminal Trial Advocacy II
Applied Evidence


Communications/Entertainment Professional
Required Courses RWA (2)
Contracts (4)
Property (4) or Administrative Law (3)
Potential Electives Entertainment Law
Sports Law
IP Survey
Employment Law
Communications Law and Policy
Trade Secret Law
Licensing Intellectual Property