Apply to the Canadian-U.S. Dual J.D. Program with the University of Ottawa

Applying to the University of Ottawa

Students may apply in either their 1L or 2L year. Students should apply during their 2L year if they need to improve their grades in order to be a competitive candidate.

Attending MSU Law’s Information Session for Prospective Dual Degree Students is a critical way to learn more about the program and get your questions answered. Watch The Spartan Law Docket in the early part of Spring Semester for details and dates.

Application packets should be submitted to Carrie Feeheley in the MSU College of Law Office of Admissions in Room 300 or via email to Late applications will not be accepted.

Application packets must include the following:

  1. A completed University of Ottawa application packet (PDF). The application fee is waived for MSU Law students. Please be sure to note the year you wish to begin in Ottawa (e.g., Fall 2021 or Fall 2022). Please type your entries into the form, but print out and sign the hard copy before submission.
  2. Statement of interest in the Dual JD Degree Program.
  3. Proof of class rank (this will be requested for you by the Office of Admissions from the MSU Law Registrar’s Office).
  4. MSU Law transcript (this will be requested for you by the Office of Admissions from the MSU Law Registrar’s Office).
  5. Copy of your LSDAS report (this will be requested for you by the Office of Admissions from the MSU Law Registrar’s Office).

The University of Ottawa will notify applicants individually of their admission decisions.

A separate information session for admitted students will be held later in Spring semester to talk about course planning for the 2L year, SEVIS processing and Canadian study visa processing, and other details.

Questions can be directed to Carrie Feeheley, Assistant Dean of Admissions and International Programs, at

Getting a Canadian Study Permit – University of Ottawa

Canadian law prohibits the University of Ottawa from advising students on visa-related matters. Students who need to apply for a Canadian study permit should visit the Government of Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship website for more information.

Student Visas and the Dual J.D. Program – MSU Law

International students studying at MSU Law on an F-1 visa will have their program shortened in SEVIS when they begin the program in Ottawa. Normally, when international students obtain a degree in the United States, graduates will have up to one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) to explore career options in the United States. International students who do the Dual J.D. Program and return to Canada to do the University of Ottawa side of the program will lose their U.S. OPT opportunity.

Students interested in career development opportunities in the United States should speak to MSU Law career and SEVIS advisors as soon as they are admitted to determine how best to meet those goals.