Current Students in the American Legal System Graduate Program

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    You’ve got just two years and 24 credits for your degree, so making the right course choices is critical.

    Connecting with your advisor is incredibly important.

    Schedule an appointment with to discuss your course choices and plan your program.


    Students are required to successfully complete a total of 24 credits for this program.

    Personalize your education or follow a standardized program. Either way, you’ll be guided by an advisor and by faculty focused on your area(s) of interest to make sure your program brings you the most benefit possible.

    Required courses include:


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    Our Alumni

    MSU Law grads are in demand. We offer intellectually stimulating work with an impressive return on investment. Our graduates find positions in firms, companies, government agencies, courts, universities, international organizations, and multiple other employers around the world.

    Professional Development

    MSU College of Law students receive one-on-one career advising, mentoring and lessons in the practical, “real life” skills needed to succeed beyond the classroom. Professional development opportunities include the following:

    • Weekly graduate student lunches
    • Access to the CASE job postings database
    • Social media training
    • Resume-writing workshops
    • Personal career advising with Career Services Office staff
    • Mentoring from alumni and professors
    • Networking opportunities
    • Access to career fairs
    • Annual etiquette dinner

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    Taking a Bar Examination

    Graduates of the MSU Law LL.M. in the American Legal System may be eligible to take a bar examination in select U.S. jurisdictions, depending on their prior legal education and the course work they take while at MSU Law. Students who enroll in the LL.M. in Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law will not be eligible to take a bar examination in the United States unless otherwise qualified.

    Given the difficulty of the examination, and the fact that J.D. students take three years of course work in American law in preparation for the bar as compared to one year of LL.M. coursework, MSU Law strongly encourages international lawyers who hope to take a bar examination in the United States to apply for the Advanced Standing J.D. program (link) rather than the LL.M. program.

    The rules and regulations relative to admission to the practice of law vary from state to state. For the specific requirements, reference should be made to the statutes, rules of court, and the Board of Bar Examiners in the particular state in which the student intends to seek admission. In general, a written examination conducted by a state agency is a prerequisite to admission.

    The National Conference of Bar Examiners is a great resource for Bar Exam information and testing resources beyond commercial providers. Their website is:

  • Student Life

    Getting involved in campus groups, both at MSU Law and across campus, is the best way to fully experience law school outside the classroom, but also benefits you in your studies by linking you to others with similar interests. Those networking opportunities can have lasting career impact.

    Our events are posted on the television monitors across from the elevators on every floor, and list daily and weekly events. You’ll also be notified in the College’s Spartan Lawyer, an electronic events calendar sent to you several times a week.

    Review the full list of MSU Law student organizations.

    Learn more about MSU student groups and events.

  • Your Student Visa

    Our SEVIS and Admissions Coordinator is here to guide you through all the necessary steps to staying in visa status. It’s critical to be in touch with the coordinator often so that you stay on track and don’t miss important SEVIS registration and other deadlines. The coordinator can also help you with applications for Optional Practical Training (OPT), Curricular Practical Training (OPT), and other matters.

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  • Graduation

    Commencement is held each May for Fall, Spring and Summer graduates. Graduates who finish their program in Fall, for instance, may walk in Spring (May) Commencement. If you need a letter from the school confirming your graduation so that your relatives abroad can get visas to attend, please email Lisa Willson, SEVIS Coordinator.

    To graduate on time, you’ll need to be in touch with the MSU Law Registrar’s Office and your advisor to make sure you’ve filled out your Application for Graduation and any other necessary forms. The application must be filled at least one semester prior to your intended graduation semester.

    International students may not enroll in courses after they have fulfilled their degree requirements. For example, an LL.M. students who has completed 24 credits as of May must graduate that semester, and may not re-enroll for Summer or Fall semester.

    Learn more about ordering your graduation regalia and other details.