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Law-Related Listservs

A listserv, sometimes also referred to as an "e-mail list," is the ultimate in online information, delivered to your virtual mailbox. Postings to a list are sent just like e-mail, except they go to every subscriber to the mail list instead of just one recipient, all of whom are put right in the middle of the ongoing discussion. … [L]ongtime subscribers to a given list get to know one another, moving in some small way toward the "virtual communities" we’re always reading about.
Ross L. Kodner, The Internet is Not Just the Web: Legal Technology Listservs Visited, Law Practice Management 44-49 (October, 1997).

Finding a Law-Related Listserv

One of the best places to look for a law-related listserv is Lyonette Louis-Jacques’ Web-based compendium of law-related listservs. This University of Chicago site contains something for everyone – practitioners, law professors, law students, law librarians – as well as subject-specific lists for every interest – environmental law, taxation, UCC, family law, etc. The list includes instructions about how to subscribe for each list. Other sources of law related listservs include LexNotes, ABA Discussion Groups, FindLaw's LegalMinds and Washburn's Discussion Groups.

WARNING: Some listservs generate a staggering volume of mail. Be selective about subscribing. You can quickly be inundated with mail. Use the filtering feature of your e-mail program to sort your e-mail by source so your personal e-mail does not get lost in the crush.

You may want to "lurk" (read without posting) for a while until you have ascertained the tone of the list before you start posting your comments and questions to the list.

For More Information

You may want to read the Ross Kodner article cited above. Although it focuses on legal technology listservs, the information provided is applicable to other law-related listservs as well.