King Scholars Seminar Papers


Table of Contents

Rebecca A. Berels, Take Me Seriously 😐 : Emoji as Evidence

Gallant Fish, Social Justice and Social Media: Responding to the Enforcement of Justice by the Internet Community

Christopher E. Kozak, The Rule of Liberty

Li Gao, Lead Compound Analysis for Chemicals: Obvious or Nonobvious?

Zoey Mayhew, Informational Privacy in the Modern Era: Expanding Constitutional Protections to the Mental Health Care of Minors

Kevin McCarthy, Corporate Officer Liability and the Applicable Standard of Review­­ Under Delaware Law and Agency Law

Hilary McDaniel, Voting Rights in the Modern Era of Minority Disenfranchisement

Donna Musolli, A Distraction in Disguise: How a Focus on Regulating the Proxy-Advisory Industry Fails to Address the Unnecessary Creation of an Extra Layer of Conflict

Rose M. Scheid, The Death of Dower: Dower’s Repeal in Michigan

David R. Sheaffer, TSCA Reform, Preemption, and Manufacturer Influence: Does the New Law Hang States Out to Dry?

In addition to the papers listed in the Table of Contents, the following King Scholar theses were accepted.  The authors preferred that their papers not be included here, primarily because they were seeking publication in law reviews.

Angela Marie Caulley, Equal Isn’t Always Equitable: Reforming the Use of Joint Custody Presumptions in Judicial Child Custody Determinations

Cole D. Hedrick, Hunting Down a State Constitutional Amendment: A Necessary Protection

Marissa Kreutzfeld, Avert Your Eyes: The Ethical and Constitutional Injustice of Pre-Abortion Mandatory Ultrasound Laws