King Scholars Seminar Papers


Table of Contents

Ryan Brenner, Improving the Implementation of International Development Law: Replacing the SDGs with INDCs

Kate Brindle, Farmed Animals in Transport: an Analysis of the Twenty-Eight Hour Law and Recommendations for Greater Animal Welfare

Frank Dame, Borrowing Legitimacy: The Israeli Supreme Court and American Law

Chantelle Dial,  “Active Efforts” for Equal Education: Reforming Title VI to Further the Purposes of Title VI

Autumn C. Gear, Host at Your Own Risk: Monitoring the Legality of Airbnb Rentals at the Platform Level

Broc Gullett, How Including “In God We Trust” on United States Currency Violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Free Exercise Clause

Herman D. Hofman, For Richer, or For Poorer: How Obergefell v. Hodges Affects the Tax-Exempt Status of Religious Organizations that Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

Ryan Alan Hulst, Congressional Standing:  Restoring Checks and Balances

Hailey R. Kimball, Improving the Representation of Women in Law Firms Through the Adoption of Family-Friendly Policies

Elizabeth C. Kingston, Validating Montgomery’s Recant of Miller’s Hesitation: An End to LWOP for Juveniles

Jay Lonick , Will Cyber-Terrorism Make § 2339B a Constitutional Suicide Vest? 

Anne Puluka, Costs of Law School and Costs of Legal Aid: Expanding Legal Aid and Increasing Access to Justice in Housing Law

Katie Sieber, Custody Involving a Non-Parent: The Rights of Step-Parents Under the De Facto and Psychological Parent Doctrines

Matthew Sous, Restoring the Michigan Referendum

Emily Turbiak, Domestic Violence and Tax Law: Michigan Innocent Spouse Relief

Lorena Valencia, Lost in Interpretation: Protecting a Right that Gives Meaning to All Other Rights

Clint Westbrook , Adoptable Property?: The Problem of Frozen Embryos and Ill-Adapted Adoption Law

In addition to the papers listed in the Table of Contents, the following King Scholar theses were accepted.  The authors preferred that their papers not be included here, primarily because they were seeking publication in law reviews.

Brian D. Anhalt, The Supreme Court’s Interpretation of AEDPA’s “Unreasonable Application” Standard in Light of the Standard’s Empirical Impact

Emma Gardiner, Towards a Limited Commons System in Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Jennifer L. Muse, A Bright-Line Bar: Why “In Transit” Imports Retain Immunity from State and Local Taxation

Jessica Ann Odell, Electronic Surveillance and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in the Modern Era

Sean R. Soard, In Defense of Standard Waiver: Utilizing the Federal Administrative Procedure Act to Establish a Limited Presumptive Waiver Authority