King Scholars Seminar Papers


Table of Contents

Mary C. Aretha, The Future of Patient Decision Aids Post-Affordable Care Act Implementation: Whose Decision Is It Anyway?

Daniel L. Eyer, Perfectly Reasonable: The Overextension of Fourth Amendment Privacy Protections to Students and Their Cell Phones

Kevin Hogan, Equity Crowdfunding under the JOBS Act and SEC Proposed Rules: an Ineffective Compromise

Megen E. Miller, Picking the Right Tools: Why Regulation of Greenhouse Gases under the Clean Air Act’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards Is Statutorily Compelled, But Not a Practical Tool in the Combat Against Climate Change

Scott Corey Milligan, The God Squad II: An Analysis of the Financial Stability Oversight Council and the Designation of SIFIs

Natalie O’Keefe, Crowdfrauding: How Michigan’s Crowdfunding Security Exemption Fares for Small Business Owners

Rachael Roseman, When Plans Go Unpaid: A Look at the Defalcation Exception as Applied to Pension-Plan Sponsors and Underfunded Plans

Emily Rucker, Starting Over: Mass Surveillance and a Factual Approach to the Fourth Amendment

Heidi Williams, When Secrecy Breeds Injustice: Preventing Discriminatory Convictions through Limited Pre-Verdict Judicial Access to Jury Deliberations

Carly Zagaroli, He's Pushin' the Rock, Pullin' the Trigger, and Perpetuating Fear: Why the Use of Gang Expert Testimony Should be Substantially Limited in Criminal Trials

In addition to the papers listed in the Table of Contents, the following King Scholar theses were accepted.  The authors preferred that their papers not be included here, primarily because they were seeking publication in law reviews.

Christopher Blain, Employing One’s “Talents”: The Power of Innovative Bond Transactions to Finance Catholic Nonprofits

Brian Cullin, Taking on Water: Local Government, Eminent Domain, and the Foreclosure Crisis

Nicholas Heberer, Shareholder Fiduciary Duty: Icahn and Dell

Dustin Kamerman, The Importance of China’s and Vietnam’s Historical Claims to Sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly Islands

Thomas J. Kelly, A Method of Protecting Pensions in Chapter 9: Defining the Interest as a Property Right

Ingrid Merritt, Gang Members as Vulnerable Victims? Applying a Collaborative Approach Toward the Worst of the Worst

Evgeniya Shakina, Are Limitations on Permitted Activities a Basis for Unlimited Intrusive Federal Regulation Under the Volcker Rule?

Shannon Flynn Smith, Virtual Cloning: Transformation or Imitation? Reforming the Transformative Use Test for Rights of Publicity

Ann Vaught, Is Law School an Adversarial Process? A Look Into the Causes of Depression Among Law Students, and What Their Schools Can Do About It

Michael C. Zahrt, A New Breed: Exploring Non-Charitable Special Purpose Entities in Offshore Jurisdictions