King Scholars Seminar Papers


Reid A. Baldwin, Appreciating the Invention: A Proposal to Reform Claim Amendment Practice

Victor Balta, Setting Fire to the Devil’s Chair: Using a Uniform Rochin Approach To Protect Pretrial Detainees

Nicholas Bolzman, Legitimate Persecution: The Effect Of Asylum’s Nexus Clause

Andy Buss, States of Confusion: Solidifying Federalism by Recognizing Secession As a Legitimate Last Resort

Samantha Cook, Michigan’s Revocation of Paternity Act: The Plight of the Putative Father

Laura Danielson, Camera Shy and Unaccountable: The Constitutional, Statutory, and Democratic Ramifications of Police Seizing and Deleting Photos and Video Taken in Public

Katie Darcy, Gender, Leadership, and Addiction in the Legal Profession

Atea Duso, Expanding Brady: Pretrial Detainees’ Rights to Exculpatory Information

Tyler Ernst, Prophylactic Preemption of State Laws for the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods: An Argument for Paternalism

Lisa Hackett, Understanding Law Review Success: An Analysis of Factors that Impact Citation Counts

Cassie J. Hare, Overthrowing the Overhaul: An Analysis of the Education Achievement Authority and Michigan’s Proposed Legislation

Christopher Kelley, Old School “Wrap”: Exploring Traditional Contract Doctrine and Developing Law that Can Serve to Prevent Websites from Exploiting Online Consumer Data

Erika N. Marzorati, Children are Different . . . Sometimes: Science, the Supreme Court, and the Juvenile Brain

Cristin Dale Mustillo, Rethinking the Strategy: Using Disaster Law to Combat Climate Change in Indian Country

Elizabeth Palmer, Is Applying a Reasonable Person Standard in the Law School Misrepresentation Cases Unreasonable?

Izak J. Post, Cyberharassment Is a true Danger: Is the Solution Found in Copyright Law?

R. Amani Smathers, Less Is Mo-town: Goals and Tools for “Smart Shrinkage” Land Use Planning in Rust Belt Cities like Detroit

Stephen J. Staple, The Craigslist Father: Uncertain Law and Outcomes for Known Sperm Donors

Leah G. Stirling, In the House but out of the Household? Why Congress Needs to Codify a Substantial Support Test for Courts to Use When Calculating a Debtor’s Household Size

John R. Taylor II, The End of Arm’s Length: New Laws Force Deep Supply Chain Knowledge

Sarah Warpinski, Know Your Victim: A Key to Prosecuting Human Trafficking Offenses