King Scholars Seminar Papers


Morgan R. Cherry, The Status of Implied Assertions under Crawford

Catherine Derthick, Creating an American Underclass: the Federal Government's Refusal to Recognize Gay Americans' Fundamental Right to Marry

Sara C. Gaugier, The Veto Approach: Disposal Strategies for Disputed Frozen Embryos

Scott Gordon, Same-Sex Marriage: Analyzing the Role of Courts with Regard to Granting Legal Rights and Effectuating Change that Aims to Be Permanent and Non-Controversial

Megan M. Hard, The Community "Chest": Should Cosmetic Surgery Debt or the Value of Enhancements Be Considered Marital Property upon Divorce

Jared C. Kosin, A Divided Interest: The UAW's Current Contradiction of the National Labor Relations Act's Adversarial Model

James M. Leiby, Last One Standing: Michigan's Dower Law

Elisa J. Lintemuth, What Makes a Sports Season Disadvantageous? An Argument that Same-Season Sports Compliance Plans Run Afoul of Title IX

Andrew Lloyd, Inherently Transitory Transistors: Legal, Factual, and Policy Issues with "RAM Fixation" in Copyright

Lucas J. Myers, Hollingsworth v. Perry: The Supreme Court's Renewed Hostility toward Cameras in the Courtroom

Kristen Polanski, The Corruption Crackdown: Providing Private Plaintiffs a Direct Role in FCPA Enforcement

Michelle Quigley, Courtroom Technology and Legal Ethics:Considerations for the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20

Jeff Rector Your Life is 'Hot News': How Developments in Technology and Law Could Decimate the Law of Defamation

Thomas J. Rheaume, Jr., In Re Reilly, Revamping Taylor in Contravention of the Code

Lauren Russo, Everybody Loves a Landlord: Applying the Statutory Duties of a Landlord to Condominium Associations

Melody Sabedra, Teens, Technology, and Sex: Finding the Appropriate Balance and Symmetry when Seeking to Punish the Modern Child Predator

Matthew C. Scarfone, Autopsy Reports, "Testimonial" or "Non-Testimonial"?

Todd J. Skowronski, The Blaine Taint Ain't Imputed – How Critics of Blaine Amendments Are Grasping at Historically Non-Existent Straws

Alessa Thomas, In Search of a Standard: Why Michigan's Legal Loophole in Sole Legal Custody Situations Should Be Closed

Jesse Viau, Smoke on the Horizon: Prospective Application of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act

The following papers were also written as King Scholar Theses, but the authors requested that the papers not be published on this web site, primarily because they are seeking alternative venues or entering their papers in writing competitions.

George L. Howell, When Is Violating Constitutional Rights in the Best Interests of Society?: Redefining Fourth Amendment "Reasonableness"

Christopher J. Schneider, Mandate Schmandate: The Constitutionality of the Individual Responsibility Provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010