King Scholar Senior Seminar Papers 2008

Emilija Avsharian, Ten Years After Brogan v. United States – An Empirical Look at the "False Statements" Statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1001.

Brittany Bulleit, Bloggers Creation of a Labor Union: A Step in the Right Direction for the Future of Both Groups

Vito Ciaravino, Preemption of State and Local Enactments in View of the IRCA Preemption Savings Clause.

Michael J. Dittenber, Blackwater and Beyond: Can Potential Plaintiffs Sue Private Security Companies for Due Process Violations Via Exceptions to the State Action Doctrine, Including Through Section 1983 Actions? (soon to be published in Nova Law Review)/p>

Brian T. Gallagher, The Regulation of Employee Stock Options after Code Section 409A: A Proposal for Reform and a Survival Kit for the Interim.

Kimberly Goddard, Show Me the Money, Legally – An Attorney's Guide to Credit Reports and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Emma Haas, The Supreme Court's Misstep: Revisiting the Holding of Corporation of Presiding Bishop of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints v. Amos to Formulate an Appropriate Definition of "Nonprofit" Activity

Nathan L. Herbert, Should Former Gang Members be Eligible for Asylum?: The Way Immigration Judges Currently Decide the Issue and Necessary Changes to the Current Scheme.

Tamra Karl, Underground, Undercover and Under Protected (Again): How the McCarran Amendment Eviscerates Indian Reserved Rights to Groundwater

Nicholas Lane, Disqualification of Opinion-Drafting Attorneys under Federal Circuit Standards for Willful Infringement.

Stephen MacGuidwin, Second Amendment Litigation Following District of Columbia v. Heller: Implementing a Combination Categorical Regulation & "Undue Burden" Test for the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms for Self-Defense.

John Louis Miller, A Critical Look at Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation v. Nestle Waters North America & the Michigan Supreme Court's Recent Jurisprudence.

Jennifer M. Paine, Speak Up!: "Child Friendly" Representation for Michigan's Lawyer/Guardian ad Litem.

Adam Pavlik, The Forgotten Wisdom of Justice Stewart's Alternative Approach in the Reapportionment Cases.

Bryan Rimmke, Two Types of Shareholder Debt: Reconciling Peracchi and Leavitt in Light of Policy Justifications for Subchapter C and S Taxation.

Aaron-Michael H. Sapp, Police Yourself: A Guide for Understanding an Illinois Lawyer's Duty to Report Other Lawyers' Misconduct.

Kristiana M. Szegda, The Scope of the Indian Habitat Conservation Right after the Culvert Decision.

Jessica Wagner, Active Duty: An Essay on Dependency, National Defense,And Martha Finemann's Contract and Care.

Jessica L. Zimbelman,  Bringing Multi-Disciplinary Practices to Motown: How One-Stop Shopping Will Help Detroit's Indigent Population.

The following papers were also written as King Scholar Theses,but the authors requested that the papers not be published on this web site, primarily because they are seeking alternative venues or entering their papers in writing competitions.

Andrew Hebl, Spoliation of Electronically Stored Information, Good Faith, and Rule 37(e) (to be published in Northern Illinois University Law Review).

Irina Kashcheyeva, "Within Walking Distance" as the Urban Poor's Handicap: Can Human Rights Framework Cure U.S. Transportation Problems."

Stefanie Swierkosz, Thy Kingdom Come?: Achieving Consistency in Application and Accommodating the Competing Fundamental Interests of Free Exercise of Religion and Local Land Use Control Intersecting Under the RLUIPA.